SNES games are cool?

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#51 Posted by sonicrift (321 posts) -

I just put in an order for SNES games at I spent a whole day at work pouring through looking for SNES/Gen/TG16 games, and Amazon recommended that site after a failed search for Bonk. I've yet to receive my order from them, so I can't vouch for anything beyond that their prices are better than sellers. I ended up spending $150 for 9 of the SNES's very best games and a GameBoy Player.

I snagged a copy of Link to the Past for under $20, and in Toronto game shops, I'm used to seeing that for $50+.

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I could list a bunch of games that are fantastic, but most of them would probably be more expensive than 50 dollars just by themselves. Most notable games are like 20 dollars or more. The SNES hole can be an expensive one. UN Squadron should be 5-10 dollars, and it's one of the best games on the system.

#53 Posted by sonicrift (321 posts) -

I feel like I may need to buy some third party hardware to test, but either a bunch of my games don't work, or my system is having trouble with them. My later games, like Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong Country 2, and MegaMan X3 either won't work, or won't work properly. MMX3 loads up and plays fine except it doesn't play sound effects. It's silent but for music. While I love collecting SNES games, it really pisses me off when they don't work. The Wii does have a huge advantage here.

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Good luck finding good prices on those games, most of stuff I've searched around for were expensive as hell. Though some of my recom's would be Zelda, Super Mario World, Secret of Evermore, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Maximum Carnage, Contra, shit I could go on.

#55 Posted by Jeust (11572 posts) -
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbours
  • Super Mario Kart
#56 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

Let me share the following (ongoing) cautionary tale. I bought some random Super Famicom lots on ebay. Of the 31 games (to arrive so far) the breakdown is:

  • Horse Racing - 3
  • Boat Racing - 1
  • Formula-1 Racing -1
  • Volleyball -1
  • Tennis -1
  • Football - 3
  • Pachinko - 4
  • Sim - 3 (A Train, Sim City, Sim Earth)
  • Golf - 1
  • Basketball - 1
  • Baseball - 4
  • Mini-games - 1
  • RPG - 2
  • Strategy - 2
  • Puzzle - 1 (Puyo-Puyo)
  • Action - 1 (Patlabor)
  • Platformer - 1 (Shin Chan)

At least they were cheap and one of the RPGs was never released in English and has minor value.

#57 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

This site has a pretty good guide of what's worth playing.

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