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Superfrog HD is a remake of Team17's classic side-scrolling platformer about a super-powered prince-turned-frog trying to rescue his bride from an evil witch.

All 24 levels are included, with high-definition graphics. An endless 'time attack' mode is included, and the Playstation versions also include a level editor.

Changes from the original

The game can only be played with the upgraded graphics, with original sprites and graphics not available. (Intro and end cutscenes have also been redone in higher quality, but consist of static images instead of animation.)

Level designs are for the most part identical, with the exception of some easter eggs and glitched areas. Because the game can now be played in widescreen, this means some otherwise hidden areas can be seen before discovery, making them easier to find. Levels also no longer require a number of coins to be collected to unlock the exit.

The wing pickup, instead of being used for limited flight, instead allows Superfrog to slow his descent dramatically using his cape and 'glide' much further sideways.

Several other pickups are altered - the invisibility pickup only makes Superfrog transparent (and tinted blue), though continues to make him mostly invulnerable during its effect. More importantly, all references to Lucozade have been removed - clocks can be collected to extend the game instead of a Lucozade can, and a new pickup is provided that restores Superfrog's current life to full health. Spud, Superfrog's ranged weapon, has a shorter range, but can hurt almost all enemies instead of the select few from the original.

The gambling machine and level code system have been greatly simplified and removed. Levels are unlocked as they are completed and can be selected directly from the main menu afterwards. The end-of-level slot machine is now used only to unlock the ability to play levels in 'original mode' (restoring some changes such as the requirement to collect coins to exit, and playing the original music instead of the newer version, but still using the new graphics), and the player can nudge each icon after a spin instead of locking them and spinning again.

The 'Project F' bonus level (a short shoot-em-up sequence), only available on the Amiga version of the original, is not included.

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