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Swordfish Studios was founded by Trevor Williams and Joan Finnegan. Williams and Finnegan were both former employees at Rage Studios. Swordfish Studios' early success came from rugby titles. Swordfish created the top selling rugby series in the world, International Rugby. From there, Sword moved onto cricket titles, creating the Brian Lara International Cricket series. Swordfish also released Cold Winter, a FPS action title. Cold Winter also found Swordfish moderate success but not as nearly as much as their cricket and rugby series. In 2004, Swordfish Studios was named "Developer of the Year" by the Independent Game Developers Association.

Then, in June 2005, Swordfish Studios was bought by Vivendi Games, becoming a full owned studio for Sierra Entertainment.  Under Sierra, Swordfish continued their success with their cricket and rugby. However, on December 2, 2007, Vivendi Games merged with Activision making the largest deal in video game history. After the merger, Activision looked over all of Sierra's projects, personel and studios, deciding the fate of all of these. When Activision announced the Sierra games that they would be adding to their line-up, Swordfish Studios' developed game, 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand was not named. Also, Activision stated they are looking at the possibilities of selling Swordfish Studios. As a result, the state of Swordfish Studios remains unknown.

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