PC duders - impressions?

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#51 Posted by kishinfoulux (2559 posts) -

Played a bit of single player. Maxed settings and no issues. Runs and looks great.

Also pardon my ignorance but what is FOV? Field of View? What is that about?

#52 Edited by NoCookiesForYou (781 posts) -

I'm really liking the game so far. Is it just me or are any of you guys having bloom issues? Syndicate seems to have alot of bloom and no way of tuning it down.

#53 Edited by Mnemoidian (999 posts) -

@carlos707: What sort of mouse are you using? Someone mentioned somewhere being able to run custom profiles (edit: through manufacturer's software) per games and remapping Mouse 4 and 5 to other keys in Syndicate - could be worth looking into.

(Not an issue I'm having with my Razer Naga, though).

@NoCookiesForYou: Yeah, there are some areas in the single-player where the Bloom gets REALLY out of hand. I think it's at least partially intentional.

@kishinfoulux: Yeah, I've never really had this issue, I tend to adapt to the FoV in games - but here's a video of a someone for being able to change FoV:

edit: and now that I've seen more than the first quarter, I realize the video is a lot more about an internet argument. So feel free to skip past the explanation :P

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@kishinfoulux said:

Played a bit of single player. Maxed settings and no issues. Runs and looks great.

Also pardon my ignorance but what is FOV? Field of View? What is that about?

It's the viewing angle of your sight.
In gaming context it is the angle that a game uses to let you see the world. (from a point where your eyes would theoretically be on the character for example)
When the FoV is narrow you see less of the world on the screen. Objects appear closer, but you see less. When the FoV is too narrow you start to feel like a horse with blinders on.
As the FoV gets larger you are able to see more of the world on the same screen, but objects start appearing further away. At a certain point (over 100-110 degrees) you get a fish eye effect as the edges start to bend, mostly noticable when moving the camera around..

Console fps games generally have a low FoV because you are sitting further away from the television hense the low FoV makes sense for your eyes. (also because it requires less processing power which consoles lack)
When the low FoV is not adjusted for a close up PC screen many people can begin to feel sick because the view is so narrow and they are so close, because it fucks with the angle at which your mind normally sees the world.
Here are 2 comparison BF3 shots:
 60 degrees FoV

 90 degrees FoV
#55 Posted by Brodehouse (10247 posts) -

Maybe it's because I sit about four or five feet away from my monitor, but I haven't got this crazy discomfort that other people have.  Feels like an issue for the Master Race.

#56 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

10 minutes into the QL, I would never run this shitty crap on my PC. It was traumatized by Crysis 2, I'm keeping it clean with good games installed. We're talking about Crysis 3 here right?

Crysis 2 is a great game. What's your beef with it, bro?

#57 Posted by carlos707 (46 posts) -

@Mnemoidian: I have a Razer DeathAdder, are you saying that you can map all those crazy thumb buttons on the Naga in Syndicate? Or are those buttons mapped to buttons on your keyboard?

#58 Posted by Mnemoidian (999 posts) -

@carlos707: the crazy thumb buttons are mapped to act like keyboard keys.

However, the Razer software also lets me rebind, M1, M2, Mouse-wheel-click, "forward", "back" as well as mouse-wheel scrolling to whatever I want it to be. There are also profiles - I assume you could make a profile for Syndicate and just swap between that and whatever when you want to play Syndicate. Maybe not an ideal situation... but - should work at least!

Not sure if that software is specific for the Naga, but... give it a shot? I assume it's part of the driver package.

And yeah, being able to breach on the go really ups your game.

#59 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1562 posts) -

I started playing it today (and ended up beating it today) and I honestly enjoyed it. It wasn't spectacular but it was fun (for me at least). The first boss fight is my favorite boss fight. I'll probably play the co-op eventually with some giant bomb dudes, but for now I'll move on to something else.

#60 Posted by DeF (5001 posts) -

hey! did anybody buy the retail PC version? I'd like to find out whether or not it supports Steamworks or if that's just an Origin key if you buy the retail disc.

#61 Posted by Wuddel (2107 posts) -

I keep on getting like 15seconds "lockups" were the game locks up but then continues?

#62 Posted by fullmetal5550 (339 posts) -
@mosdl said:

How does the game look/feel on the PC? How configurable is it? Mouse smoothing? Framerate locked to 30?

Jeff's crazy review makes me want to buy it, but no PC review copies nor demos scare me.

It looks ok I guess. The campaign is about six hours and is very linear. You don't get to make any choices or explore the futuristic city at all. Since the game is so short you don't have any real time to get to know the characters. The whole thing feels rushed.
#63 Posted by udabenshen (179 posts) -

@DeF: I would assume its just an Origin key that you install off of the disc, like Battlefield 3. I think all EA retail PC games will do this from here on forward. The only chance you will see new EA games on Steam will be if it is an EA partners game and they make the choice to publish the steam version on their own (like Amalur did).

#64 Posted by DeF (5001 posts) -

@udabenshen: yes and Syndicate is an EA Partners game which is why I'd like to know for sure. :)

I need facts. Anyone?

#65 Edited by Mnemoidian (999 posts) -

: To be fair, it's a shooter we are talking about - non-linearity and exploration are not really something you should be expecting. Syndicate doesn't break new ground, but it is a pretty crazy ride with amazing feel to the gunplay and stuff. You are welcome to not be impressed - but we should at least not be crazy with our expectations :)

#66 Posted by Durakh (35 posts) -

all i can say: runs great on my machine and thanks jeff, for reviewing the game with enough openness to justify the many possibilities the game has to offer!

#67 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1455 posts) -

If you're really unlucky like me you can't get the game to run at all after installation without resorting to a 'scene' .exe. However, this locks you out of the coop component.

(a) Desperately needs FOV option and more graphics options in general (b) extreme and garish lighting effects (c) short and terrible campaign (d) the meat of the game is in the coop but I haven't been able to play it, prolly not worth full-price or even half-price for just that component though (e) too influenced by CoD (f) wastes opportunities to establish setting and narrative (g) Origin is incredibly inept. Avoid.

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