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The Tachikoma are wheeled, quadrupedal tanks from the Ghost In The Shell series. They are piloted by Motoko Kusanagi and other members of Section 9 of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission. Tachikoma posess an artificial intelligence, though they are obedient to their pilots. However, they do experience emotions and are naturally curious. As a plot device, they are often used for comic relief and introspective exploration of the story. Tachikoma are able to synchronize and network with each other to share information, sensory data, and personal experiences. They come equipped with machine guns and optional heavy machine guns or grenade launchers.

Game Appearances

Ghost In The Shell (PS1)

Ghost In The Shell for PS1
Ghost In The Shell put the original Fuchikoma (the very similar predecessor to the Tachikoma) at the forefront of the game. In that game, the player takes the role of a rookie pilot for Section 9, guiding a Fuchikoma through various 3D levels and fighting enemies. The game featured short anime cutscenes with the Fuchikoma between levels, which were voiced by the American voice cast for the Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex anime series.

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