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Shogi, a Japanese board game similar to chess, is a board game as popular as Mahjong in Japan. Tanigawa Kouji no Shogi Shinan II ("Tanigawa Kouji's Instructional Shogi II") is the second in a series of instructional Shogi games hosted by then-top tier champion and expert Shogi player Tanigawa Kouji to help improve the player's game.

The first Tanigawa Kouji no Shogi Shinan was only released on MSX home computers, though this game first came out on the Famicom Disk System in 1987. It would later receive additional versions for the MSX and the regular cartridge-based Famicom in 1988. There also exists a second Famicom Disk System version, released after the MSX and Famicom ports, that contains additional puzzle arrangements. The third game in the series would only be released on the Famicom.

Neither this game nor any of the games in the series were ever released outside of Japan.

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