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When the series began Tatsuki was one of Bleach's core supporting characters, however as the story came to focus more on the supernatural cast of Soul Society and less on the inhabitants of central protagonist Ichigo's hometown, her prominence waned.
As Tatsuki didn't develop the same sort of active supernatural powers that her friends did, she was left behind as they entered the spirit world and embarked upon the first incredibly lengthy story arc of Bleach. Since then she's never really regained a role of much stature.

Tatsuki appears as a playable character in Treasure's Bleach DS fighters, where she gets to put her karate skills to good use. However, Tatsuki doesn't  seem to have been designed as a serious contender, having been saddled with a major handicap(taking roughly double damage from most attacks) but receiving no major strengths to offset this.

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