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Rocket Jumping to Victory

First thing noticeable about Team Fortress 2 is the visual art style. Derivation from 1950's and 60's advertising automatically centers this game around the rare category of quirky and unique themed games this generation. Where squad based realistic shooters dominate the market, TF2 is an oasis in this time of need.

Don't let the name fool you however, the games Fortresses take a backseat to the classes. There's no shortage of abundance as you take control of nine highly unique classes across three categories. The agile double jumping Scout, stereotypical drill sergeant Soldier and enigmatic Pyro compose the offensive classes. One 'Black Scottish Cyclops' Demoman, thick-headed Minigun wielding Heavy and technical genius Engineer takes care of defending your base. The final trio of characters falls under support. The German (and based on timeline, probably Nazi) Medic, the Australian Sniper with disapproving parents and [sadly hard-mode] backstabbing Spy.

As you take control of your class of choice you have a handful of maps and game types both user and developer made to satisfy your play style. These range from your typical 'capture the flag' modes to territory capture and cart pushing stages. There is definitely something to suit everyone’s taste.

Valve has put a lot of love into this game. With regular updates and the continual series of 'Meet The...' videos, Team Fortress 2 is kept free from staleness and players never have to feel neglected. Whether you're a First Person Shooter veteran or newcomer to the genre there is really no excuse for passing on this rare gem, especially when bundled with the very reasonably priced Orange Box or standalone purchase on Steam.

Five Stars

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dont feed the troll

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I feed on human stupidity, so you might wanna steer clear.

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