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As one of the seven legendary Tomes of Power that exist in the land of Parthoris, Teejalla holds within her pages a portion of the magical knowledge passed on by the Seraphs, an extremely powerful race that once ruled the realm. Teejalla was once a Seraph herself before she and six of her sisters were chosen to have their life force imbued into the Tomes. These Tomes were then given to the Sidhe, the immediate descendants of the Seraphs, so that the Seraph's wisdom would not be forgotten. Teejalla found her way into the possession of a Sidhe by the name of Corvus, the hero who eventually challenged and defeated the great Serpent Rider D'Sparil. Corvus is unfortunately cursed by his nemesis as he dies, however, and both Corvus and Teejalla are forced to spend years fighting for survival in the hostile Outer Worlds.

With Teejalla's assistance, Corvus eventually discovers a World Ripple which will lead him back to his home town of Silverspring. Upon stepping through, Corvus finds that Silverspring has been decimated by a mysterious plague, and in the course of escaping the city he is infected himself. Teejalla uses her power to slow the onset of plague madness, though Corvus is still left with little time to reverse the infection. The two eventually discover that Morcalavin, another of the Seraphs, created the plague after he unwittingly uses a false Tome of Power in the Ritual of Ascension. After a long journey across Parthoris, Corvus places Teejalla upon one of the seven pedestals in Morcalavin's inner sanctum, completing the circle and replacing the false Tome, thus dispelling Morcalavin's insanity and destroying the plague.

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