Anyone want to play some Tekken for freedom and justice?

#1 Posted by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

So Ive got Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3. Finally got back into it and finally confident enough in my Asuka & Alisa team to step online again. Im at work now but I will be home in like around 2 hours. I think it be fun to start a lobby tonight and break some bones in Tekken. Because what is more American than that?

PSN= Demoskinos. If your down lets try to get a lobby going later. Otherwise Ill be forced to wade in the pool of randoms online.

#2 Posted by smokeyd123 (360 posts) -

@demoskinos: I'd be happy to jump on after work today. Should be back around 6pm CST.

#3 Posted by falserelic (5721 posts) -

Damn I would have liked to challenge you with my Raven, but I traded in TTT2 a month ago...

#4 Edited by Alekss (357 posts) -

I think I will join too, but I live in Vietnam right now and there are two problems: The big distance may cause lag and Vietnam is communist so I play for freedom :=))

I will join and see how the performance is

#5 Edited by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

@smokeyd123: I got your friend request smoky. I'll be home around the same time 8pm EST and I'll most likely hop straight on Tekken After settling in for the night.

#6 Posted by Hunter5024 (6358 posts) -

I sent you a request. I'm not sure I'll be available to play at that time (are the 48 crazy states doing daylight savings now?), but just let me know if you want to get a game going. I haven't been into the online since early Tekken 6 though, so I'm very rusty.

#7 Posted by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

@smokeyd123: So, we should fight again sometime. Seems the connection issues (at least I) was having was with me. Have no idea why but yesterday started getting some super weird DNS errors only on the PS3. Played around with settings in my router/ps3 think I have it ironed out now. Played like 8 people in player matches in a row and managed to keep 4 bar connections.

#8 Posted by smokeyd123 (360 posts) -

@demoskinos: sounds good. I'm free after 5pm tomorrow if you wanna go a few rounds. Been working on my Feng, hopefully he's a bit better now.

#9 Posted by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

@smokeyd123: Cool I'm free anytime after 4pm est we'll try this whole thing again and hope for better this time. Lol.

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