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#1 Posted by Black_Rose (7785 posts) -

Hi guys, just wanted to see if someone could help me with this game since I can't find a guide anywhere. I'm stuck in Stage 8 with Ayame, in the fifth level that takes place in an underground prison.

There are two locked cells that have a sword and a key (which i'm guessing I have to use in the locked door upstairs). But I have no idea of how to get inside, I've tried finding a way in with the cat but so far nothing. If someone could tell me how the hell I can get inside those cells I'll be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance.

#2 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

If memory serves well, I think there's a key in the building across from there, at the bottom of the stairs.

#3 Posted by Virago (2486 posts) -

hmm... did you try shooting everything? did you shoot the cat? ofc not, you like cats.... uhh.... I'm sorry, I'm not very helpful with this kind of thing.

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