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Terminator Salvation

I bought Terminator Salvation yesterday  around 4:30pm and finished the game by 8:00pm that night. It lasted about 3 1/2 to 4 hours and I'm disappointed. That game is too short. All the achievements are level based so there's not real challenge in getting them.
You play, or I played as john Conner, militia fighter, fighting for the salvation of humanity. This game takes place before the movie and is an utter disappointment from beginning to end.
The terminators are somewhat easy to beat and there's a set number of them per area you go into, so there's no real threat. Its easy to die because your health doesn't regenerate until all the robots are gone.

There are only 3 types of guns, assault rifle, shotgun and heavy machine gun. The 2 grenade type are standard grenade and pipe bomb and I couldn't figure how to switch between the two.
There are only 3 type of Terminators, a small flying type called the Wasp, the spider one that have their power source in the back and the T-600 with and without the rubber skins. There's also the large flying Hunters, the robot like Harvester, the stupid motor cycle thingies, and a tank with twin machine guns and plasma cannons.
The T-600 would have been a better enemy if you could blow their limbs so they crawl after you. That way they wouldn't have to limit the number they send after you at every battle.

The visuals aren't  that great either. This game doesn't need the HD treatment. It might have looked better if they used the Unreal engine, but oh well. There are only two things I liked about this game, the cover system in that John Conner dashes from cover to cover very easy in an attempt to get behind the enemy robots. (Gobots might have been a better enemy). The other thing I liked was the fact that Gamestop gave me a movie ticket voucher so I can get in the movie for free once I redeem it online. I'm actually looking forward to this movie so yayyyyy me.

Other than that, this game is nothing more than a rental. Its not worth the $60 price tag at all. This is the biggest ripoff in video game history. This game might have been better as a download. Evolved, I want my money back.

Posted by sfighter21

Oooh, man.  Sorry, that sucks.  60 bucks down the drain...

Posted by NicBarker

did u return it?

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