I can'r figure out how to do anything. Please help me.

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I spent 10 dollars on this game and I can't figure out how to do even the most basic things.. Everytime I attach a torch to something, it's by accident. Evertime I try to place something, I just throw it in front of me, and then I get close to it, and just pick it back up. I have no idea how to actually place things in the world, and it's extremely frustrating. Could somebody help me so that my ten bucks don't go to waste?
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To place something you left click where you want to place it. Q drops items. Talk to the guide as well dude. 

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A good way of knowing if you can, for example, place a torch:

The cursor is context sensitive. If you get close to a wall and move your cursor close to it(While you have a torch in hand) the Torch icon will show up by the cursor.

And like Laughing_Man said, left click to place stuff. Q to drop it.

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I had similar trouble in the first hour or so. Items can only be placed from your top five or six inventory items and ONLY when the inventory is closed - otherwise you'll just be throwing them and will end up picking them right back up. You can switch out your top five or six items by opening up your inventory, left clicking the items you want to move, and then switch them around. Hope this helps.

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Okay, I've got it now. Thank you so much everyone!

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