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A New Dark Knight

Bruce's last resort to save his life.

In the future, Bruce Wayne gives up the mantle of Batman. He has protected Gotham for a long time, however he is elderly now. In his final mission, he was investigating the kidnapping of a young teenaged girl. When Bruce was badly hurt by one of the criminals, he resorted to pointing a gun at the criminal. The criminal ran away in fear, and Bruce left the crime scene. Having broken his personal oath to never use a gun in his fight against crime, he abandoned the identity of the Dark Knight and gave up his crime-fighting ways forever.

Old, but never Broken

Bruce later on went to seal off the Batcave and shut down all of his equipment; his last words in costume were "Never again." 20 years later, a 17-year-old boy named Terry McGinnis was helped by an old Bruce Wanye to escape from a gang called "the Jokerz." The Jokerz were defeated by the old Bruce Wayne. He might have been old, but he never looses his touch.

Bruce Wayne needed help to get back inside of his house so that he could take his medicine, so Terry helped him. When Bruce fell asleep, Terry saw a bat inside of a clock he went over to unlock it. When the clock opened up, Terry went down the stairs to see what's under Bruce's house. When Terry found out that Bruce was Batman he wanted to try on a suit, however Bruce woke up and beat Terry out of his house.

Terry went to his house to find his father killed, this made Terry furious. Wanting revenge he asked his girl friend to drop him off at Bruce Wayne's house. While Bruce was somewhere asleep in his house, Terry tied up Bruce's trusted dog Ace and stole the Bat-suit.

When Terry was out finding the murderer of his father, he ran into trouble with the police. Since the police worked for the man that killed his father, Terry had no problem with beating them up a little bit. While fighting, Bruce used the suit lock button in the cave, he began to get beaten by the cop who Terry was making fun of.

When the cop was tired of punching the new Batman around, he picked up his gun. Terry asked Bruce to turn the suit back on so that he would not die, it took some time for Bruce to think this over, but he ended up turning the suit back on.

Later on, Terry found the killer of his father, his name was Derek Powers. Derek gave the word to kill McGinnis' father, however it was his trusted right-hand man who killed him. When Terry confronted Derek Powers' trusted cohort, Terry did not kill him the toxins that Derek was shipping killed him or he just drowned to death. Terry then had the full rights to become the "Dark Knight Of The Future."

Friends & Family

Max Gibson

Max is the only other teenager that knows Terry Mcginnis is Batman. She is useful on the computer, and an all around good friend to talk to. However, she doesn't listen to Terry when he tells her to keep away from things that are dangerous. This usually gets her captured and even almost killed! But, Terry will always be their to protect her.

Dana Tan

Dana Tan is the beautiful girl friend of Terry McGinnis. Although she does not know that Terry is Batman, she understands that his job is demanding. She is usually waiting hours for him, while Terry saves Gotham.

Matt Mcginnis

Matt Mcginnis is the annoying little brother of Terry. He is a big fan of Batman, but is not a fan of his older brother. They usually have talks about going through each other's stuff.

Mary Mcginnis

Mary Mcginnis is the mother of Terry and Matt Mcginnis. She is worried about her son and what his nightly job is with Mr. Wayne. However, she loves him although she has no information on what he does.

Nelson Nash

Nelson Nash is the enemy of Terry McGinnis, but a fan of Batman. He is the number #1 athlete of the high school, and is also the most arrogant. He likes to pick on kids that have low rank, but he says someday him and Terry are going to have a fight.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne was the first Batman of Gotham City. He eventually retired after an incident, that happened in his last days as Batman. However, now he is training and teaching Terry on how to become a detective, and martial arts. Bruce might be old, but he never looses his touch he has had to save Terry on many occasions.


Old Time friend of Bruce Wayne, he has recruited Terry to join the Justice League. Since Kryptonians age more slowly than humans, Super-Man is still fully able to fight crime, being the equivalent of middle aged. Super-Man is the protector of Metropolis, and one of the founding members of the Justice League. There is no explanation given as to why he decided to add a hyphen to his name.

Barbara Gordon-Young

Barbara Gordon was Batgirl, and one time girlfriend of Bruce Wayne. She has married the D.A. Sam Young. In the future, she is following her father's foot steps becoming the Commissioner of Gotham City. Now since she is not Batgirl, she will use firearms if needed be. However, she has not lost her touch at using a batarang.

Justice League

Justice League

Terry has worked alone with Bruce for a long time. But, when the hero Super-man needs help on the team, Terry quickly leaps for it. The new justice league consist of a few members, but they are either heroes from Bruce's

generation, children, or people new.

Terry has even lead the JL a couple of times. But, he still protects Gotham from Crime.

Gear Of the Future Knight

Terry McGinnis has lots of gear. He has some of Bruce's old gear and some new gadgets.

Shooting A Batarang
  • Batarangs: Used to knock out enemies; fired from his arms, also he has some stored in his belt.
Shocking Weapon
  • Kryptonite: Like Bruce before him, Terry carries Kryptonite just incase Super-Man goes rogue.
  • Batcable: Terry has a cable that shoots out of his arm. He uses this to swing from one place to another, when it is to narrow to get in with his wings.
  • Batwing: He can use this to easily guide himself while using his Batboots.
  • Batclaws: Claws that are retractible from his gloves. They can be used to hold on to the ground, and also used as cutting tools.
  • Electricity: When he is in a sticky situation, Terry can press a button on his belt to activate suit electricity. This well shock any opponent.
  • Invisibility: When sneaking into a high security area; invisibility makes it easy. Terry activates his invisibility by pressing the red button on his utility belt.

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