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Broken Trash

 I've been looking forward to this game for a while. Where I live, it's quite cold and grey in February and the idea of racing around Ibiza and Hawaii in hot cars with a bunch of other people is very appealing. That I was so excited for this game just makes it all the more disappointing that it's totally broken.
Whenever I launch it I almost immediately get a message that the server is down and it returns me to the title screen. Sometimes it's within seconds, sometimes I get as far as the character selection party screen, but I never get to the point where I can actually get in a car. Searching on the Internet shows almost everyone else has this problem (on every platform). I can't even complete creating a character. I wish I could comment on the physics or wheel-handling or something but I can't because the game won't allow me to play it.
Also, BTW, the game has SecureROM with an install limit, and requires administrator priviliges to run. If you try to run it under a regular user account, it will ask you to enter an administrator password (twice) then tell you the game must be launched from Steam, even if you did launch it from Steam. The solution to that is to log in to the PC under an administrator account and run it from there. That will start the game, but (as I said above) good luck trying to do anything. 
I wish I had bought it for Xbox 360 because then at least I could return it or resell it and get some of my money back. As it is, I'm just out $40 until they can fix their server issues (if they even can fix it since it's been out for over a week now). For open world racing fun I recommend buying Burnout Paradise or Midnight Club LA instead.

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