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A brand new way to enjoy Tetris!

Tetris has been here for a long period of time. Now, the mother of all puzzle games is back in a whole new way! This time, it's on the console that we all know and love, Wii! Alexey Pajitnov probably did not know what kind of game that he has created, but it has become well known and extremely popular. Today it's one of the best legendary puzzle games that have ever been created. Tetris has had its ups and downs through the years, but it has now reached a peak. Tetris Party for Wii is not only fun, but it also features new ways to play and enjoy Tetris. There are many ways to play Tetris! You can play alone, against friends, online, and with the balance board among many different modes or ways to play. You can even change your environments and music that best suits your mood. I give Tetris Party a great score of 4/5 because there are several things that I wish it could have had. The graphics of the shapes are great, but the atmospheres in the game are not what it should be. It would be nice if they had more of a better selection and quality when it comes to the atmospheres, and the same thing goes for the music. Perhaps it would have been good if there were some things that you can earn and unlock. The items are annoying, but I guess its part of the challenge. Using the balance board for this game is just one big gimmick, so don't get the game if you only want the game because of the balance board feature. The tournaments are fun to participate in, but it really seems unfair to those who get the game for the first time, and those who are not good at the game but enjoys it for what it's worth. Regardless of anything that Tetris lacks, and its one silly gimmick, it's still a great game that is suitable for all ages. 12 dollars is not an ideal price to pay for this game, but it's worth the money anyway because I bought Tetris Worlds for the Gamecube for 20 dollars. So 12 dollars is a modest price considering what it used to be. You will spend and enjoy the many hours you put into playing Tetris Party for Wii.

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