I'm really pulling for this game

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@Cloudenvy said:

@MikeGosot: I can't stay on an internet where people respect other opinions! I'm out of here!

Well, if you want to leave, i respect your opinion.
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@MikeGosot said:

@Cloudenvy said:

@MikeGosot: I can't stay on an internet where people respect other opinions! I'm out of here!

Well, if you want to leave, i respect your opinion.

AAAAAAARGH *flips table*

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@Sackmanjones said:

@oulzac said:

I got to play this last night, and it was pretty fun. The combat is very similar to Batman:AA/AC with a cross of the last two Spider-Man games.

The open world is pretty fun swinging around, and the stealth in missions is much better than just beating up dudes. But you don't get that much experience to level up your spidy powers if you don't beat up dudes. So its almost like they are forcing you to fight, even when you can clearly beat a level almost entirely on stealth. Overall its a good game. I find it much more enjoyable than the last two Spider-Man games that came out. They also went a little overboard on the collectibles.

Overall its a worth a rent to check out. I enjoyed the 2 hours that I played and will more than likely pick it up myself.

If you don't mind me asking, could you go more in depth? Like with visuals and combat? It sounds pretty good from what you've said but I just really wanna get a bit more information before I finalize my pre order. I understand you only played 2 hours but I'd appreciate it =)

The graphics are pretty good. I really noticed the lighting effects. Which they did a good job with. You see shadows for everything. I really didn't pay too much attention to the graphics or the details after the first few minutes really. I got sucked in and was focusing on the gameplay.

The combat is pretty simple button mashing really. You can do some web stuff to break it up here and there. But its exactly like Batman, even with regards to the dodging. You also don't have as many cool gadgets as Batman, so the it will be interesting to see how the web stuff plays out as the game goes along.

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I really want this to be fun to play, but watching the video just made me want to play Arkham City again.

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@Willza92 said:

@LiquidPrince said:

@believer258: Spiderman 2 wasn't THAT great... It was good for the time, and the swinging around was fun. Otherwise it wasn't amazing.

Oh ho ho ho, I see what you did thar!

Everything I've seen looks pretty good actually, but I was the one guy who actually enjoyed Web of Shadows so it seems my Spider-Man game bar is lower than everyone else's.

Not really. Web of Shadows was my favorite modern Spiderman game as well.

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That looks seriously dope

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@handlas said:

People really didn't like Ultimate Spiderman? Thought that was a pretty damn good game and don't recall the swinging around the city to be bad. Think it was the best one (well I haven't played Shatter Dimensions or any of the recent ones).

edit:...watching vids of it on youtube...still looks pretty damn good to me.

Yea, I thought Ultimate did a much better job of web slinging in an open world environment, and playing as Venom was pretty fun. The combat wasn't great from what I recall, but it was my favorite Spider-Man game, though I haven't played the newer Beenox ones yet.

#58 Posted by Ravelle (1478 posts) -

I really liked Spider-Man on the PSX back in the day.

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I hope it's good, I miss Spiderman games. Hopefully they will get it right this time.

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@cb1115: Spidey has a real stilted walk huh. But it does look better than Shattered Dimensions

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Haven't play a Spiderman game since Ultimate Spiderman , seeing that this one returns to the open world gameplay and it has a pretty fluid combat I do hope turns out to be good.

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