How do you shut off the leaky pipes?

#1 Posted by Ethan_Raiden (366 posts) -

How do you shut off the damn leaky pipes on the flying machine?

#2 Edited by Sterling (3645 posts) -

There are three. Two outside the ship, and one inside the ship. Took me forever to figure out there were switches in side the ship.

To clarify that, two switch's in the group outside. And one switch in the group inside.

#3 Posted by Ethan_Raiden (366 posts) -

Thanks man, you just saved my life.

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Think about baseball.

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@sterling:Your suggestion was very much helpful for me and recently this problem came with me, the pipes of one of my machine was leaking and then I remember this point that you have suggested here. I worked accordingly and it was helpful.

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