Lengthy XCOM Preview

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Here's a lengthy XCOM preview. Really makes it sound better than their trailer made it out to be, I was beginning to be really worried about this title a while. Sure it's not the same Xcom: UFO Defense or Terror From the Deep, but I'm very excited for this title now.

XCOM is looking remarkable and was a genuine surprise at this year's E3. The game looks to have come on leaps and bounds since its showing at E3 last year and 2K Marin seems to have gone to great lengths to preserve the strategical heart of XCOM, despite the fact that it's all draped in FPS clothing. The promise of both story-driven and non-narrative themed missions, as well as the tactical view and the depth of strategical choices should hopefully please the die-hard fans while enticing newcomers, making XCOM quite clearly one to watch for 2012.

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That looks pretty cool, filled in a lot of info that was missing on what exactly happens in the missions.

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Yeah so it went from a poor man's COD to a poor man's ME... it is still NOT XCOM at all.

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@onarum said:

Yeah so it went from a poor man's COD to a poor man's ME... it is still NOT XCOM at all.

Well, lets wait and see how deep the strategic elements go. Full Spectrum Warrior for example was a fanatastic realtime strategy game from the third person with combat that felt quite similar to how X-COM felt and Mass Effect is essentially a simplified version of that. So if they build something in that direction and get it right it could be fantastic, even so it would divert a good bit  from the original X-COM.Also the guy behind the original X-COM is still active and was involved in the just released Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and there are also people working on a heavily X-COM inspired game under the name of Xenonauts, so it's not like there is a shortage of round based strategy.

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I'm more hopeful for this game now. I'm on the stairs to get on board right now.

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I really didnt know what this game was going to be about when I first saw it about a year ago, but it looked like a cool shooter. Now that more info has been released on the game I am pretty excited to get my hands on the game.

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