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The City of Mist

The City of Mist is hidden deep in the fog of the Emerald Jungle. It was once known as the Iksar city of Torsis. Torsis was a bustling trade city and also the primary base of operations for the Iksar army. It was once lined with the finest limestone, marble, and tapestries available on Kunark, but has since become a delapidated, overgrown ruin of its former glory. Undead and other abominations now roam the streets. Testaments to the city's once great importance lie everywhere, which has brought many brave adventurers to the region seeking treasures of the fallen Iksar empire. Torsis was once the pinnacle of Iksar architecture, as three floating towers were constructed here. Their luminous magics have since dissipated, but are still as wonderous to new eyes as they were the day they were erected. Many of the homes, shops, temples, and city offices are unrecognizable at this point, but some of their contents has to have been looted, for the fear of those that now reside in the city has kept most people away. Aside from the undead, there are hulking golems known as Black Reavers that upon death, seemingly spawn countless other monstrosities, which test the stamina of even the most battleworn adventurers. The founder and ruler of Torsis was Lord Rak'Ashiir, and his ghost still roams the city, strangely not aggressive to intruders. The downfall of the city has been attributed to the overall downfall of the Iksar empire by most historians, but a few know that Lord Rak'Ashiir lost faith in Cazic-Thule after his own daughter was taken by the god. This abandonment of faith led many to leave Torsis, which only expedited the fall of this once great city.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Captain of the Guard
  • Dread Wraith
  • Gyrating Green Slime
  • Kilidna
  • Lhranc
  • Lord Ghiosk
  • Lord Rak`Ashiir
  • Mighty Golem
  • Neh`Ashiir
  • Plaguebone Warlord
  • Ravenous War Bone Skeleton
  • Spectral Courier
  • Tzirathk
  • War Bone Overlord
  • Wraith of Jaxion

Notable Items

  • Atramentous Shield
  • Axe of Lost Souls
  • Brass Stud of Wonder
  • Calcified Bone Gauntlets
  • Dread Shield of the Slayer
  • Ebonwood Cudgel
  • Ghostly Leggings of Terror
  • Gleaming Serrated Blade
  • Golem Essence Necklace
  • Golem Essence Spaulders
  • Grand Bracelet of War Eternal
  • Green Jade Broadsword
  • Iron Mask of the Wise
  • Jade Reaver
  • Knotted Belt of the Ravenous
  • Lost Staff of the Scorned
  • Mace of the Shadowed Soul
  • Mysterious Glowing Sleeves
  • Mystical Gyrating Necklace
  • Ornate Rune Blade
  • Ornate Rune Shield
  • Red Silk Lined Boots
  • Rigid Steel Breastplate
  • Shield of the Mist
  • Shimmering Partisan
  • Simple Cape of the Seer
  • Slimy Green Ring
  • Sword of the Mist
  • Terror Marked Mask
  • Throneblade of the Ykesha
  • Viik's Dark Defender
  • Wu's Quivering Staff

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