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Am I crazy, or wasn't there supposed to be a quick look for this game 5 hours ago? I was really looking forward to some Dave or Vinny or Dave & Vinny (Dinny?) banter today. :(

EDIT: Thanks for the update Drewby! Three quests completed with my very first topic! Go me!

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I also saw the little heads up for it. 

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Their correct name is Vindave individually they are Vinbro or Davbro.

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Yeah I saw it too. Wasn't sure what it was, but I won't complain about more content. Hope they still end up doing something.

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=( Yep, I was looking forward to it. I like adventure game Quick Looks; actually, I hate them (pretty much everything in adventure games is some sort of spoiler) - but I like adventure games and Vinny and/or Dave QLs.

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It's currently re-compressing and will be up soon!

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@drewbert said:

It's currently re-compressing and will be up soon!

And you made it totally awesome with that outro!

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This needs to be more Japanese... The addition of up-skirt could only help make the dialogue seem less trite.

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