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#1 Posted by josher14 (36 posts) -

so i'm level 54 and haven't even finished the main quest yet...

finished the thieves guild, college of winterhold, companions, dark brotherhood, and about 3 quests into the imperials questline...



#2 Posted by ajamafalous (12233 posts) -

Stopped playing like three weeks ago, but I was level 52. Had only gotten up to "Retrieve the horn of Jorgen Windcaller" in the main quest, and the only other main questline I did was the College of Winterhold. Hadn't even set foot in any city besides Whiterun.

#3 Posted by oobs (342 posts) -

just about 36 i think...finished the main quest..done the companion stuff.. and joined one of the sides of the war and wow to you not seeing the other big cities..

#4 Posted by smokeyd123 (337 posts) -

I have a level 30 Paladin and a level 34 dick-ass thief. The thief is pretty good.

#5 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

Level 46, barely even scratched the surface. God what an amazing game.

#6 Posted by Hoffafiles (285 posts) -

Sadly I'm 43, and my game is bugged. I can't finish the main quest,

but I guess that's a good excuse to play through it again! ...Right?

#7 Edited by wolf_blitzer85 (5303 posts) -

About to hit 38 as a full mage. Magic now costs almost nothing and I can one shot everything from any distance. It was a slow burn, but man once you get there, you get there.
Beat the main quest line on a whim a lot of other stuff on top of that. Got most of the guild stuff done except for Companions stuff. Now I modded the hell out of it and am wandering around aimlessly to see what I come across.

#8 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

51. Done all the major quest lines. Still need to go through and mop up whatever named quests I missed, though.

#9 Posted by Morien (162 posts) -

My main guy is level 59, one-hand and shield type. Done all of the city, faction, and main quests other than joining Stormcloaks or Imperials. Also got a level 14 mage I'm working on, pretty powerful so far, and shooting lighting out of your hands in that game just looks so damn cool.

#10 Posted by SlasherMan (1725 posts) -

72. Still not done playing.

#11 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -

Lvl 34 full mage, only have completely finished the college. Almost done with companions. Half way through the main quest. Now that I am done with finals, that should shoot up rather quickly until I am done with the game.

#12 Posted by _Horde (839 posts) -

I am level 50, and liking it!

#13 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

Stopped playing at level 54.

#14 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5138 posts) -

I'm at 50, I've been playing a different character lately.

#15 Posted by overnow (305 posts) -

I beat the main quest at around level 50. Now I think I'm going to start a new character on PC. Maybe some kind of 1 or 2 handed warrior or a sneaking character.

#16 Posted by Conojo (148 posts) -

Level 41 Breton spellsword, and I've completed the thieves guild and am partially into the Dark Brotherhood. Barely even started the Main Quest, and haven't yet decided if I'm gonna roll deep with the stormcloaks or imperials, though I'm leaning imperial

#17 Posted by Cramsy (1178 posts) -

Level 40 Finished the Main, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves, Mages, Fighters, Daedric and Storm Cloak questlines. Still having a blast setting a way point deep into where I haven't explored and just going for it.

#18 Posted by MattBosten (497 posts) -

Just reached level 21; playing an Imperial thief but stopped following the Main Quest as soon as it asked me to go up the 7000 steps. Out of interest what's the level cap?

#19 Posted by josher14 (36 posts) -

level cap is "around 80" according to guides... but who knows for sure!

#20 Posted by Baldvinb (25 posts) -

Level 45 when I stopped playing. MQ line done. Winterhold Collage pretty much done also. Companions also pretty much done. Just started Thief and Brotherhood quest lines.

But after I stopped leveling up, since I maxed the skills I invested the most in, I kinda stopped playing. Wish you would get some exp. points for finishing quests or something. Once you hit 100 you stop leveling up so you have to change your playstyle, was a bit disappointed when that happened.

#21 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3939 posts) -

41 Ranger (archer, backstabby, swordy, light magic) finished companion quest, just found wall of anduin, midway in dark brotherhood, thieves guild and magic college. I've taken breaks for saints row and mw3 with some space marine thrown in but skyrim just keeps bringin me back. GOTY for sure.

#22 Posted by Bane (465 posts) -

Level 45-ish. Nord sword and board warrior. Finished the main quest and the Companions quest lines.

I smithed and enchanted a set of dragonplate armor which is extremely overpowered. My armor rating is 999 and unless you're a group of Arch-somethings you have zero chance against me. I haven't decided whether to throw that armor in a chest and wear something less powerful or start a mage.

#23 Posted by StrainedEyes (1338 posts) -

level cap is "around 80" according to guides... but who knows for sure!

We do, the level cap is 81.
#24 Edited by AndrewB (7692 posts) -

I think I was 64 when I decided to stop what I was doing and finish the main quest, but I might be overestimating that. I also exploited the Oghma Infinium at about level 50. 3 patches in and they haven't fixed it completely.

#25 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

Level 60 on my first character and level 51 on my second.

#26 Posted by Mesoian (1574 posts) -

40. Haven't done the main storyline yet, finished winterhold college and theives guild, started companions, haven't touched brotherhood.

Playing it on a PS3 though, so it's pretty tough to play now. My save file is 12 megs now and it takes about 30 to 45 seconds for any loads to happen, which seriously blows now that archers have the ability to snipe you out.

#27 Posted by Atlas (2462 posts) -

Level 63, and I haven't finished anything. Done lots of stuff, am 100 in several skills, but my play style has been extremely loose and based on exploration. Will probably start actually wrapping things up soon.

#28 Posted by SgtSphynx (1627 posts) -

54, just finished Alduin's Bane last night, Just have the main quest and the civil war quest left to do, and one or two unnamed quests.

#29 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2504 posts) -

Level 45.

I've done stuff. In an orphanage, involving a lady, a Daedric Lord and a can of Cool Whip.

Then I started playing Skyrim again.

#30 Posted by jozzy (2035 posts) -

I think I was lvl 28 when I moved on to other games, will probably get back at some point but the game doesn't really grab me that much. Finished MQ, Companions and was pretty far along with the civil war.

#31 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

48 hours in, I'm level 25.  

What's wrong with me?

#32 Posted by JoeyRavn (4996 posts) -

45, leveling up is slow as fuck right now.

#33 Posted by josher14 (36 posts) -

- i found that switching up your playstyle just a bit really helps (i was grinding really hard with 2 handed weapons and heavy armor) and then switched to single handed and light armor and kept leveling up faster.. depends on what you want though... are you making a lot of potions and enchanting a lot of weapons?

#34 Posted by Vextroid (1445 posts) -


Messing about with a bunch of different tweak mods before I dedicate some serious time into it (after Christmas).

#35 Posted by NegativeCero (3051 posts) -

Level 45 and I think I'm winding down. Finished all the guilds but plenty of named and misc quests. Going for the S rank then I think I'm going to take a break and get back to Arkham City.

#36 Posted by GullumF (85 posts) -

Level 31, finished the main quest, finished winterhold college and Dark Brotherhood guild, finished the companions quest. Just started the Theives guild.

#37 Posted by themangalist (1756 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:

Stopped playing like three weeks ago, but I was level 52. Had only gotten up to "Retrieve the horn of Jorgen Windcaller" in the main quest, and the only other main questline I did was the College of Winterhold. Hadn't even set foot in any city besides Whiterun.

You serious? What were you even doing?

(well technically you did step outside Whiterun if you went to the college of Winterhold)

#38 Posted by SMTDante89 (2603 posts) -

Level 41, about half way to 42. On the last quest of the main story now, just need to switch some things up a bit and I should be good.

#39 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4284 posts) -

52 for my first play through and 30 for my second

#40 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3874 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

48 hours in, I'm level 25. What's wrong with me?

I'm pretty much in the same boat. And I thought I was leveling up pretty quickly. I dunno. How are people leveling up so fast?

#41 Posted by BelligerentEngine (348 posts) -

47 for my first play through 81 on my second 23 on my third(Gonna save him for that dlc).

Remember people saying leveling soft capped at 50, yeah about that haha...

#42 Posted by Demon_Sandwich (113 posts) -

40, early into main quest, winterhold college done, companions done. also character type is all round type of guy. Destruction, Alteratiion, Restoration, One Handed, Archery, Light Armor, Are the only one with points.Fire, Ice and Swords are main. Archery has taken a back seat (level 60ish) while destruction and one handed are high (88 and 85 respectively)

#43 Posted by RobotHamster (4178 posts) -

First playthrough I got to 54 and was a Sneaking, Archer, One-hander.

Next playthrough I got to 44 and did punching only and got my heavy armor to a ridiculous level.

And I just started a pure mage and am at 10.

I played a lot when it first came out, I had a bunch of free time. haven't been playing too much recently though.

#44 Posted by j3ffro919 (244 posts) -

45, finished Main Quest and Companions, barely started at the College, a couple quests into Thieves and DB, done 9 side quests, 4 Daedric and about 60 miscellaneous tasks. Have yet to join the Imperials or Stormcloaks (leaning toward Imperials simply because I'm Imperial). Primarily sneaking, 1h, archery, blocking for combat stuff. Debating forcing myself to do more magic (destruction is 31? I think) rather than start a mage and do it all over again.

#45 Posted by JoeyRavn (4996 posts) -

I just started again, so I'm level 2. I left my main character at 46, though. Leveling up was a pain in the ass once I had maxed Heavy Armor, Block and One Handed.

#46 Edited by UitDeToekomst (761 posts) -

i've been putting this one off for a while (both due to a backlog of other stuff and waiting for the inevitable patches) and actually just started last night. I got to the point of choosing my player (male Redguard) and then saved and stopped. I picked it back up this morning and played about 10 straight hours after I woke up until about an hour ago. I am now at level 9 (with heavy two-hand weapon, blacksmithing and lockpicking perks), and seeing as I have the next two days off (and don't celebrate Christmas... or Hanukkah... or Kwanzaa), i imagine i'll be at least level 20 by the start of my next work week on Tuesday. I haven't been this addicted to a game since Civ 4 came out in 2005 (yeah, i'm a Civ 5 hater... well, not hater, just like-lesser).

#47 Posted by Agent47 (1892 posts) -

On 28 still wrapping up the Dark Brotherhood and Theives Guild quests.Then eventually the main.

#48 Posted by CptChiken (1987 posts) -

Im 28 on my paladin, mainng block and one handed with archery and restoration. Got a level 10 sneak and archer.

#49 Posted by norenewalfee (109 posts) -

What the hell? I am 42 hours in right now and am only level 18. Thought it was going pretty good so far :-( ...

Finished the college, thieves guild and am about a third through the story (right were you find that one human made shout)... Can anybody help?

#50 Posted by Gashlycrumb (49 posts) -

level 47, soon to be 48. 136 hours in. this game is ridiculous. finished thieves guild, brave companions (still need to do radiants for those actually), college of winterhold, and only up to the Horn of Jurgen in the main quest. sneak-ass thief character.

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