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Some very powerful hair 0

  Call the King of Fighters a precursor to emo culture if you will. A bunch of pale, teenage, sometimes-effeminate male fighters (and masculine-female fighters that are at least a bit more gender-obvious, if just because of their big boobs) flinging fire, ice, crystal or blood-attacks with either the greatest of ease or angst. In a way, the King of Fighters series is like the many “underground” emo bands my friend frequently indulges me in, whom use their “underground-ness” (aka, their lack of s...

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A Slightly Disappointing Rebirth... 0

Please note: Videos consist of tournament-like level gameplay from the arcade version. The PS3 version does look similar to the arcades, but I just wanted to show high level fights of what the game's system is capable of in which I won't get with console videos right away that are in good quality.There are high hopes for the King of Fighters XII to be a worthy fighting game in the genre's renaissance this year with such games as Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, and Tekken 6. It is a reboot for the f...

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It's a strange thing to be talking about 2-D fighting games again with any sort of relevance, but with Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, and now the 12th (official) iteration of the King of Fighters series, '09 is feeling more like '90 if you can dig what I'm putting down.  I'm not a stalwart fan of the KOF franchise, and as such, didn't have any pre-concieved notion regarding what to expect with SNK's latest, at least in regards to its passed installments.  However, coming in the wake of two fine fi...

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The King of Fighters "Rebirth" leaves much to be desired 0

    Title: The King of Fighters XII Release: July 24, 2009 Genre: Fighting Developer: SNK Playmore Publisher: Ignition Platform: Xbox360 Rating: T (Teen) Product Link: Website: Source Link: Publisher Ignition has done a fine job of labeling the latest King of Fighters as the “rebirth” of the franchise. I...

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How to do as little as possible and make money. 0

King of Fighters XII (KOF XII) is an outstanding arcade game, but it takes more than a direct no-frills port to make a fighter console-ready. The console version seems as if the core arcade game was given to one half-wit programmer/designer and let to simmer for a year. Rather than get some playtesters/designers to bounce ideas off it feels like SNL Playmore decided to save some money and devote zero creativity/playtesting to the project. The end result is a schizophrenic concotion of 1-part bri...

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Late to the Party Review: King of Fighters XII by Binge Gamer 0

  Late to the Party: King of Fighters XII By James Walker We here at Binge Gamer are only mortal. Between living our lives, being swamped with work, delivery problems and having writers constantly cracking under the tyrannical rule of JW, it’s understandable that sometimes we fall behind on game reviews. When this does happen, we don’t ignore the game — we simply consider it late to the party. The King of Fighters XII is, as you can probably imagine, the twelfth game in the 2D figh...

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Pretender to the throne 0

 Since 1994, the King of Fighters series has been SNK’s marquee franchise – a massive crossover fighting game using characters from many of its older series such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors, and even Psycho Soldier (where Athena and Kensou made their debuts). 15 years later, the series introduces itself to the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 generation with The King of Fighters XII, which sets out to redefine the franchise to appeal both to newcomers and long-time fans. Does it succeed...

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Late Bird Review: KOF XII 0

After a brief hiatus on the Late Bird Reviews, I return to you with the final review of the fighting games released last year. This will be a shorter review as the game does not give much to talk about other than its unfortunate failures. To be blunt from the start, the game is unfinished.  Story This game has none. It is unfortunate, however not uncommon in King of Fighters, when one of the games of the franchise is absent of storyline. Yet it is the game many identify as the fighting series ...

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No Frills, But It's Got Heart. 0

If you're mocking th score I gave this game already, I completely understand. Hear me out, though will you? I believe I have an advantage when it comes to reviewing this game, and it is this: I have never played a King of FIghters game before. I am a complete and total noob. This means I have no basis of complaint for any changes to the characters, the roster itself, or the systems within the game. I am simply able to appreciate it for what it is. The core of it, if you will. And at its core it ...

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