Leaked Dart render from Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale!

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Dart's 3D model for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale game has been leaked by its character artist, Mike Edwards! He has a website showcasing his works for various games and 3 days ago, he uploaded 2 Dart renders saying "cancelled DLC character"

His website: http://www.shapeshift3r.com/

The page containing Dart renders: http://www.shapeshift3r.com/2013/04/play-station-all-stars-battle-royale.html (there's also Sir Daniel renders but ignore them and scroll down!)

My blog entry about this: http://ongan-san.blogspot.com/2013/06/leaked-dart-feld-model-for-playstation.html

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Well that's interesting.

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That is interesting.

My roommate was playing through Legend of Dragoon. You want to argue about insulting female characters now, fuckin' Shana dude. Her only interest in the entire world is to be Dart's girlfriend. Every line of dialogue or motivation for her is based around wanting to be dude's girlfriend, apparently for no other reason than guy is good with a sword.

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Cancelled DLC character, huh? I guess this means that they're done supporting the game?

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These are the weird reaches into the back catalogue that would've made the main game a whole lot more interesting.

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@turboman said:

@hailinel: They supported the game?

There were a few DLC character packs in a failed attempt to make up for the shitty core roster, but support is support. Not good support, but support.

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