Free Oracle of Seasons Preorder Code - NA 3DS eShop

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Hey y'all. I preordered the new Zelda from GameStop (who the heck does that?) and got an eShop code for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. I have no need of it since I already own the game and recently have played through about half of it on an emulator on the regular DS.

So who wants it? I'm not gonna post it here. If you live in North America (it won't work elsewhere) and want the code, tell me why I should give it to you and I'll PM it to you. Give me a good story and you'll be more likely to win!

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I would like it but I have no compelling reason as to why you should give it to me!

I'm playing through Link Between Worlds right now, my first Zelda game since Link to the Past. Never played any of these games but I'm interested in checking them out.

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@mb: Basically I just want to know it'll go to good use and not just become a part of a mound of games you never play. That's all. If you think you'll play it, I'll give it to you.

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I would like it because It's the one Zelda game I haven't managed to play yet except for a link between worlds (which I have yet to pick up because I'm a broke college student and dat pricetag). My 3ds is basically just a brick taking up space at this point because I'm too busy going to classes and studying to get a job to pay for games which defeats my purpose of getting it which was so id have something to do in between the large gap i have between classes. I'd study but frankly those breaks are the only free time i get.

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@mcdisco: Haha touching story. I'm not 100% sure you're not a bot though since you just made your profile. I've got a premium member in another post that requested it there, so I'm gonna give it to him.

Sorry @mb but you didn't respond back to me in time.

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I am not robot beep boop beep 10100000100000101000001010000000101000000101000010000000001 er i mean. dualy noted

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@mormonwarrior: I didn't realize I needed to reply to the topic again...oh well.

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@mb: Sorry I had a bunch of replies at me all at once and had to make a decision...

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