I hate the third level in Zelda

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Does any one hate the third level in Zelda too? The dahm water temple. Ocarina of time... In that one the third level is Zoras and I hated it. Even when you became a adult it still sucked. All the other temples are fun but not the third one.... Does anyone else hat the third temple? Or does someone actually like them?

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I like them.

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Isn't the water temple generally regarded as one of the worst Zelda dungeons ever?

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The water temple is considered a drag by many players. You're not alone ^^

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This picture comes to mind:

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A.) Zelda doesn't have levels.

B.) Even if it did, the Water Temple isn't the third one.

C.) I thought the Water Temple was OK. I almost got through it without a walkthrough (unfortunately, the part that made me go to a walkthrough was the one part that I logically shouldn't have needed).

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@Video_Game_King said:

A.) Zelda doesn't have levels.

B.) Even if it did, the Water Temple isn't the third one.

beat me to it.

you're thinking of jabu jabu's belly,

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the only bad thing about the water temple is that you have to go into the menu and put the boots on and take them off all the time.

this gets totally overblown. also, the OP is kinda weird and unspecific. do you mean ALL the third dungeons in zelda games or what?

your post doesn't really make sense.

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I felt as a child, it was fairly quick. As an adult... that level, even playing it a dozen times through, never gets easier to beat. I feel your pain.

#10 Posted by PSNgamesun (433 posts) -

I felt it was hard but never bored I thought that was the complaint all this time people hated it lmao

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I was 12 when i played OoC and I had no problem getting through the water temple with out a guide. Also as others have pointed out, the water temple is not the third "level." I do remember running around for a couple of real world days not knowing what to do though.

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I always used a strategy guide, so it wasn't that bad.

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No matter how many times I run through Ocarina of Time, I always end up making the Water Temple unbeatable. Every single run. Every. Single. Run. *sigh*

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Jabu Jabu's Belly sucks, but so does most of Ocarina of Time, based on my recent playthrough. In fact, the dungeon I didn't find completely disinteresting was the adult Water Temple because it had an aesthetic, wasn't horribly labyrinthine like the Forest Temple, and wasn't boring as sin like the Fire Temple.

EDIT: Also, major disappointment that this is an Ocarina of Time thread. When you called it the "Third Level," I thought you were referring to Zelda I.

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I remember being stuck on it and stopped playing it for over a month. When I came back to it I finished it quite easily.

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Tighten up those graphics.

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I always disliked Jabu Jabu's Belly more than the Water Temple. As some people have said though, the Water Temple's not even the worst temple in OoT, I think that's the Forest Temple, it just goes on and on forever.

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Looking back at this thread, makes me kinda sad, because now remember OoC I remember how bad the game actualy was, I had more fun running around the world killing the spiders, or doing side quests, what few there where, and this is why i never bought the new 3d version, because it is better as i remember it.

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Only ran into a few snags for that temple as a kid: Was missing one key for a long while, and Dark Link. When you don't remember you don't have to Z-Target a monster, he's a major pain in the ass. Playing it recently of course, it's a breeze.

City in the Sky for Twilight Princess was way more infuriating to me, which is a shame since it was one of the cooler looking dungeons.

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Jabu Jabu's belly is alright, still one of the weaker/more annoying dungeons in the game

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Some dungeons are just tedious and long, but I never hated any of them for it.
I just disliked the music in OoT and MM's forest temple, scary ass shit.
Oh and the dried well...fuck that shit.

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I scored a million points on the last level.

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