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One of the best games ever created !!!

Game play: You start as link a normal person in a normal town as you start you get some basic items like a fishing rod and a slingshot and you get stronger really fast. Altough the puzzles in the game take hours and hours to figure out its like you always need a laptop beside you to see the walktroughs while playing that can be really annoying especially when you are starting to like the game. This is the first zelda game that i have beaten and i liked it and i suppose that real zelda fans would be satisfied of this title. This game is fun and there is allot of environments to visit you can transform into a wolf look around for poe souls wich you collect while playing there is allot of minigames you can use a boat and ride it down the waterfall use the bird to go from point a to point b you can use a fishing rod to catch fish. Get heart pieces by finding treasure. This game has allot to offer but sometimes you will just feel like throwing this game away because of frustration about getting lost in the puzzles i spent 79 hours in total thats allot because i got lost for hours. Warping from place to place is very easy instead of walking or rideing a horse to your destination. you press a button click on warp choose the location and you are there. I did not like that most of the environment looks the same i mean i you go in a dungeon you will always see the same environment for 2 or 3 hours that is repetitive.

Graphics:The wii console is not made to have spectacular graphics the cutscenes will rather look not polished or too bright it doesnt seem to look realistic but each different village has immense details wich adds up so much in the game.

Sound: The music is exellent each place has its own and what i dont like is when you get close to an enemy you always hear the same boring little music on that side nintendo could've use better music is some areas of the game.

Overall:I would say if you're a person that never plays zelda give this game a chance if you have already played previous zelda game i would tell you to rent this game or just ask people what they think about it.

Altough the legend of zelda twilight princess might disapoint some big fans or might just make the player happy it depends on what opinion you see this game.


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