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Ninja Warriors takes place in a dystopian future where Banglar, the President of the United States issues martial law on the nation. A small band of scientists decide to rebel against the new military government with the creation of android robots code named Ninja, Kunoichi and Kamaitachi who are sent to strike back against the government.


Like Kung-Fu Master, gameplay is restricted to a single, side-scrolling 2D plane. Players move can move left and right as well as attacking, jumping, blocking and using a special attack or smart bomb styled attack on enemies. Special attacks and smart bombs require a 'Blaster' meter to be built up fully. The Blaster meter charges over time and is lost when the player is knocked to the floor or the smart bomb is fired, killing all enemies on screen. While the Blaster meter is fully charged players have access to modified, more powerful versions of their standard moves which kill enemies faster, however using these moves does not deplete meter. Objects and enemies within the level can be picked up and thrown as weapons against enemies also.

Levels, generally, scroll from left to right and have a boss encounter which, when defeated, ends the level.

Ninja Warriors Again consists of 8 levels.

American Release

The game was released as "The NinjaWarriors Again" in Japan, but simply "Ninja Warriors" in North America. "The NinjaWarriors Again" was the Japanese remake of the original Ninja Warriors with significantly modified gameplay.

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