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Becoming exceptionally successful in the Crowd while playing 1 vs 100's live shows would result in being selected as The One, allowing you to play for Microsoft Points. To be selected, one would have to finish first among all eligible players.

Once chosen, the One played as they did in the Crowd, selecting the correct answer with either the X, A, or B button. The Y button, ordinarily unused while choosing questions, became an option to select one of three "helps" to answer a question when unsure. These were:

  • Trust the Mob, which selected the most popular answer the Mob gave for the question at hand;
  • Trust the Crowd, which selected the most popular answer the Crowd gave; and
  • Trust the Top 10, which selected the most popular answer given by the top 10 players.

Instead of Trust the Top 10, the first season had Trust the Brain, which selected the answer given by the highest scoring player. Trust the Brain tended to be the least reliable of the three offered, especially early on; since a player's score was determined in no small part by the speed with which the answer was given, the high scoring players tended to be those who pressed one of the three buttons rapidly and happened to be correct.

Every ten members of the Mob eliminated raised the amount of Microsoft Points the One had secured. After each rise in the prize level, the One had the option to walk away with the points or continue playing for more. If all 100 members of the Mob were eliminated and the One answered all questions correctly, the One would win the grand prize of 10,000 MSP, the equivalent of US$125.

If at any time the One answered incorrectly, the remaining members of the Mob would win an Xbox Live Arcade game and a small amount of Microsoft Points, and the One would leave with no winnings. (Since the One was almost always the top player in the Crowd in the previous game, and Xbox Live Arcade games were given as prizes for the top three members of the Crowd, the One would almost always have a free Arcade game from the experience.)

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