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The Oracle first appears in a flashback of how he has erased Lucas' memories of meeting him in a diner. He goes to Lucas to talk to him about magic. When Kate appears, it appears that she can't see the Oracle. Afterwards, he puts Lucas into his control to kill John Winston and leaves.

When he found out that Lucas survived from his control, the Oracle puts him through illusions to kill him.

He confronts Lucas in his illusion world where he is revealed to be a Mayan Oracle. His objective is to see into the future by sacrificing people. It turns out that he can't kill people directly because he must never soil his blood with another's blood and that is the reason why he possesses people into doing his killings for him. After the trance, they either commit suicide or go insane. However, Lucas doesn't have any of these fates because he possesses the chroma.

After talking with Lucas, the Oracle sends a panther to kill him, but Lucas is saved by Agatha.

The Oracle is shown in Lucas' mind talking to his superiors, the leaders of the Orange Clan. He informs them that someone has interfere to protect Lucas and describes that its chroma is different. This leads them to think that they have a rival who also wants to find the Indigo Child. The leaders orders the Oracle to not let either Lucas or their rival, the Purple Clan, find the child.

The Oracle attempts to kill Markus, Lucas' older brother, in the church, but his plan fails when Lucas manages to warn him. Next, he kidnaps Tiffany to lure Lucas. Once that is done, the Oracle sends the two falling to their deaths. However, Lucas is resuscitated by the Purple Clan.

When he finds Lucas alive, they fight on the rooftop, resulting in Lucas escaping from him. When the Cyborg comes, the soldiers, under the Oracle's orders, attack it, but it escapes.

By the time Lucas goes to Wishita Military, he is confronted by the Oracle. He defeats him, sending the Oracle to fall into the chroma.

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