Should I stick strictly to guns and bows?

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So I'm new to Torchlight 2 and I decided to roll a Outlander I figured her combo of Guns and Magic would be fun to play with. Although I noticed it doesn't seem like there is any class restrictions when it comes to weapons or at the very least so far I haven't seen any which leaves me to wonder should I strictly stick to my ranged weapons or is there viable reasons to use melee weapons with an Outlander?

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There are some class-restricted items but any character can equip any type of weapon, so yes you could technically beat the game using an Outlander with heavy weapons.

However, as far as I can tell each class is geared toward using certain weapons so you'd probably be better off using the weapons your class was meant to.

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@believer258: Thats what I figured since seems many of her skills require you to have said items equipped on you anyways.

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You can use any weapon as long as you have the stats to use it , with the outlander the Lore and Sigil trees dont have very many skills that require ranged weapons so you could in theory build an outlander who uses swords in close and uses sigils and glaives for additional dps.

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