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Precursor technology

The precursors are often referred to as the most powerful force in the world of Jak and Daxter. Precursor monks, who study the precursors, tell tales of how powerful and how immense the precursors were in regards to their control of Eco. The only type of Eco that the precursors could not control was Dark Eco. It was found that some of the precursors would even succumb and become corrupt even trying to control the substance becoming Dark Makers.

The Reveal

Daxter, the funniest precursor!

It was revealed in Jak 3 that the precursors were actually Ottsels - like Daxter. As ottsels, the precursors developed technology-based, anteater-looking suits that allowed them to disguise themselves from the general public. The disguises were made from fear that no one would worship small, rodent-like creatures as gods.

The Precursor Stone

Dark Precursors, or Dark Makers.

Although the precursors were said to be born from the precursor stone, the precursor that hatched in Jak II did not look anything like an Ottsel and was simply a projection. It was most likely another trick used by the precursors to hide their true appearance.

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