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Special Ability

The characters in the cave are identical in abilities save for a single special characteristic relating to their natures. The Time Traveller is able to "phase through" thin barriers on the condition that the barrier is not entirely solid - i.e., made from a non-solid material, or a cluster of objects which do not entirely block the other side from view. "Phasing" adjusts for ledges and slopes, but can only be used to travel in horizontal directions.


The Time Traveller works in an unspecified position at a museum of ancient history a great distance in the future. She is passed over for receiving the "Greatest Employee of All Time Award"; the male co-worker who does receive it rudely flaunts the award and the privileges that accompany it, provoking the ire of the Time Traveller, who flits between the present, the future (her present), and prehistoric times to orchestrate the death of his genetic predecessor, erasing him from existence. Ultimately, her efforts do not procure the award for her, but it goes to a robot whose only appearance in the game is an image and who presumably does not boast in his achievement.

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