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The Tribunal
The Tribunal consists of six hooded men with no visible faces, each carrying large sledgehammers.  The divine judicators preside over all mortals from their realm, the Plane of Justice.  The plane itself is inhabited by people and creatures imprisoned and awaiting their trials for crimes against the universe.  The Tribunal have existed for as long as there has been a semblance of order in the universe.  There is in fact a Seventh Hammer, an entity that acts as The Tribunal's executioner, bailiff, and messenger among the pantheon.  While the Six Hammers are immune to bribery, there are a few who have successfully deceived them.  And while their punishments are eternal, there are those who are granted leniency or awarded freedom.

The Tribunal follow a funadmental concept of cultural relativity.  The Six Hammers themselves have on moral conscience, as they are the epitomy neutrality.  While a High Elf would be condemned for practicing necromancy, a Troll may be sentenced for leniency towards Dwarven prisoners.  Only the most serious of crimes get put before The Tribunal, for the punishment could be an eternal suffering and imprisonment within the Plane of Justice.


EverQuest II
For true followers of the Six Hammers, only one thing matters; Justice.  Many of the world's police, guards, and governors worship The Tribunal, the most devout recognize only one law or court in the universe; that of the Tribunal themselves.  Through methodical patience, it is their sacred duty to deal out punishment, vengeance, and retribution to those who rightfully deserve it.  Patience may be the most important quality in any follower of the Tribunal, for if they punish an innocent, they will answer to the Six Hammers personally.
Despite being created by Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr, most Barbarians of Halas, especially their shaman, are devout followers of The Six Hammers.

Among the Pantheon

The Tribunal has no enemies or allies.    

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