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So I think I'm stuck in some sort of save loop and I'm wondering how to fix the issue permanently. To sum it up, no matter how far into Episode 3 I get (with tons of autosaves), my "continue" button (after exiting the game and trying to pick up where I left off) always takes me to the very last part of Episode 2 (walking away from the farm in the middle of the night). This has happened multiple times, with the last time being the "worst" (making it all the way to the train, hoping that would be enough). Anyway, how can I fix this? Do I need to start a new game and play with default choices at the start of Episode 3? This is pretty frustrating....

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@echo13791: I don't know if this actually worked but when I was playing on Xbox it happened to me three times with the end of episode 1 and the talking to everyone at the motel section repeating. All I did was back out completely to the Dashboard in between episodes after the credits rolled (I made sure to let them finish as I had skipped them before) then I started up the game and started from episode 2 with no problems. I'm not sure if this solved the problem or if it was random or if it will work on your platform but give it a try.

Hope this helps as that sounds really frustrating especially after getting so far in episode 3.

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