the walking dead 400 days help

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do the storys go in an order. btw rip rd holy crap I am so sad right now just got the news the best to all of gb and hes wife I got a lot of bomb casts that have rd in them that includes the e3 casts its going to be hard.

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Each story takes place X days after the outbreak. You don't have to play them in order, but if you want:

  1. Vince (Day 2)
  2. Wyatt (Day 41)
  3. Russel (Day 184)
  4. Bonnie (Day 220)
  5. Shel (Day 236-259)
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@rkofan87 said:

@warpr: thanks.

It also works fine if you do Shel before Russel and Bonnie. Those 3 episodes link together in a couple ways, so you can either see the aftereffects first (playing Shel first), or you can play her last.

Vince's chapter has no connection to anybody (though it's obviously meant to be the introduction), and Wyatt's chapter is related to Russell's chapter, though again the order doesn't really spoil or reveal anything.

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can I get rid my 400 days save and not get rid of all of my save

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