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This game had high expectations from everybody who ever played a Thief game. The developers didn't make a 100% job, but they did a pretty good job in my opinion. And after all the games released this year and last year, for me this is the best game I have played in years. (and believe me I have tried many games)

I just love it how it's not focusing on combat, actually it kind of avoids it, and that should be a stealth game's goal. Not like in Dishonored for example, where you can just go shoot everyone and walk through the levels, here you have to be quick, distract the enemies, find other ways to pass them.

The story is average, but the focus is on the gameplay. Although I would have been happier with more options for thieving and side missions throughout the City.

The graphics are pretty detailed, the style and mood is faithful to the existing Thief games.

All in all I think this game deserves higher scores than given by other reviewers.

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