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Some quotes that occur with the Thor Unit when clicked on a consecutive number of times typed as it is spoken:
" I am rated T for Tor!"
"Wat happened to you commandur? Dey got you pushing too many pencils?"
" I am a Tunder Gawd and I hurl TUNDER BOLTS!"
"Thor is here!"
" I am here, CLICK ME!"
"If someone asks me if I ever killed any Zurg, I say yes but they were all bad!"
"Dropping da hammur!"
" I'm on fire...NO! REALLY!!!"
"Tunder and Lightning, Dis is crazy!"
" If someone asks me Am I really a gawd, I say YES!"
" What is best? To crush da zurg, see them driven before you and hear da lamentations of da protoss."

Thor In World of Warcraft

The Thor makes an appearance in WoW as a pet companion if you purchase the Starcraft II collector's edition. The Minithor as it is named, also has the guild name of The Destroyer and fires his mini cannons and occassionally takes off in a ascending spiral motion with its jet pack.

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