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Tychus Findlay is a Terran marine with a complicated past. An old friend of Jim Raynor, Findlay's true nature is some speculative. He has been known to be very self serving in the past, but also shows an intense loyalty to his friends. Even Raynor is unsure about his exact nature, but believes him to have a 'heart of gold' due to his actions in the past. He is a physically strong and huge man, being 2m (6' 7") tall, and weighing 165kg (363lbs).


 Mar Sara
Tychus was born on Mar Sara in a small town, without much going on. The town was often the stop for many truckers, but very little else. He enlisted with the Terran Confederacy, eventually reaching the rank of Staff Sergent. However he had little love for the Confederacy, seeing them as corrupt and self serving, and he also resented the people for being so weak willed and allowing themselves to be ruled by such a government.
Eventually Tychus became second in command of Jack Larimer's Tactical Response Squad during the Guild Wars. The unit was known for accepting very dangerous missions, often orchestrated by Captain Larimer. While in this position, Tychus was granted access to military communiques, and other classified information. From this he learned of  property captured from the Kel-Morian Combine, and he began plotting a plan to take it before it could be returned to base and indexed.
However before this could happen, he was dragged into one of Captain Larimer's own schemes. Larimer ordered the Tactical Response Squad to attack a civilian target. Tychus and his squad mates flew a dropship disguised as a Kel-Morian ship to the civilian dissident's house, and attacked in order to make it look as if the Kel-Morian were opposed to the dissident movement. The mission put the squad in great danger, and afterwords Tychus assaulted Larimer for his actions.
Tychus was court-martialed, demoted to private, and sentenced to three months of hard labor at a military prison. When he arrived, he drew the ire of Sergeant Bellamy, who took pleasure in punishing large inmates. He ordered Tychus to work in the mines, and pull a mine cart by himself. Bellamy also tormented another inmate who used a fork to stab Bellamy. During the ensuing struggle, Tychus stole Bellamy's baton, and placed it on the rails of the mine cart. Afterwords when Bellamy went to retrieve his baton, Tychus disabled the breaks on the mine cart which ran over and crushed Bellamy, killing him.
After his release, Tychus attempted to resupply himself at the military base, Fort Howe. It was here that he first meet Jim Raynor, who was a young lance corporal at the time. Raynor however told Tychus to come back later once the base had been resupplied, to which Tychus tried to intimidate Raynor, which resulted in Raynor's friend forcing Tychus back at gunpoint. Later, Tychus was recalled by Colonel Javier Vanderspool, who decided to give him another chance and promoted him to the rank of Sergent, and placed him in charge of corporal Raynor and his comrades.
Tychus used this opportunity to make life for Raynor difficult, however before he could begin to do so, he was alerted an attack by the Kel-Morian. Tychus took charge, and defeated the Kel-Morian, even beating one to death with his rifle. After the battle, the squad proceeded to a nearby armory, only to discover that Confederate soldiers were looting valuable equipment, and loading it in civilian trucks. Instead of returning the goods, Tychus reported that the enemy had stolen the equipment and that he was in pursuit of it. Tychus then reported that he had to give up his pursuit due to mechanical difficulties, while in reality he drove the trucks and stashed the equipment. Raynor disapproved of Tychus' actions, and wanted to return one of the stolen trucks to allay any suspicion.
  Tychus and Raynor with Heaven's Devils
Shortly after this incident, and before the stolen goods could be sold, Colonel Vanderspool created the 321st Colonial Rangers Battalion, which had the nickname Heaven's Devils. However Vanderspool didn't trust Tychus, so he placed the medic Lisa Cassidy in the squad as a spy. While in Heaven's Devils, the squad has issued new CMC-230 XE power armor (a variation on the CMC-200 suit, the precursor to the CMC-300 suits worn by Terran marines during the events of the original Starcraft.) which had jump packs integrated into them. Tychus also began a romantic relationship with Cassidy. Tychus also sold the stolen goods, but his actions were reported to Vanderspool by Cassidy. Vanderspool was angered by Tychus' actions, but didn't want to do away with the squad because of their valuable nature as a combat force. He did however plan to plot his revenge on Tychus.
The next mission that the squad embarked on was to liberate a prison camp were many Confederate soldiers were being held by the Kel-Morians. During training for this mission, Raynor came up with the idea of infiltrate the prison to try and help break out the prisoners from the inside while the rest of the squad mounted an external attack. Vanderspool agreed to the idea. Once the time of the mission came, Tychus and other members of Heaven's Devils found out that Raynor had been captured and tortured. However the Devils managed to free Raynor, but were unable to bring in dropships to rescue the rest of the prisoners due to Kel-Morian air superiority. Raynor came up with the idea of stealing Kel-Morian ships, and delayed the Kel-Morian fighters long enough for Confederate air support to arrive. Once the fighters were eliminated, Tychus and his squad freed the prisoners in the camp. After this operation, the media reported on the rescue, and the Heaven's Devils gained a great deal of positive publicity. This angered Vanderspool, as the the public was now in support of Tychus and his squad.
The Heaven's Devils next major mission was to destroy a Kel-Morian fuel depot. Vanderspool intended this to be a suicide mission for the squad. However despite suffering losses during their assault, Tychus displayed heroic actions including throwing a grenade into the engine of an enemy dropship. He was also able to take out the elite guards at the depot, one of whom he killed by throwing a grenade into this helmet, and then sealing it shut.
After this victory, members of Heaven's Devils overheard Vanderspool and a Kel-Morian officer plotting to steal a shipment of valuable Kel-Morian supplies, split the proceeds, and kill off Heaven's Devils. Raynor and Tychus were outraged by this betrayal, and plotted to steal the goods for themselves. However, once the Heaven's Devils were about to steal the goods, both they and Vanderspool were double crossed when the Kel-Morian officer, and the Heaven's Devils were forced to fight along with Vanderspool's troops against the escaping Kel-Morian. Vanderspool was furios about this, and thanks to his spy Cassidy, he knew about Tychus's own plans. He then ordered his troops to kill the Heaven's Devils, killing all but Tychus, Raynor and one other before they could escape.
 Tychus being released from his cryogenic incarceration
After this incident, Tychus became an outlaw along with Raynor. Both were charged with numerous offenses by the Confederacy, and were wanted men. The two worked together to pull many heists, but were caught by the authorities. Raynor escaped, but Tychus was captured. It is suspected that Tychus allowed himself to be captured so that Raynor could escape, but Tychus will not admit to this. He was sentenced to death, but this was commuted into solitary cryogenic incarceration for life. However he was eventually made into an indentured marine, forced to serve for the rest of his life. The sequence where he is released from solitary and put into his power armour is portrayed in the original Starcraft II reveal trailer.
 Hell, it's about time...

However, during his transfer from prison, Tychus broke free, strangled his guards, and escaped. Tychus then  located Jim Raynor in a bar in Mar Sara and proposed a new criminal scheme; the pair would steal Protoss artifacts on behalf of the Moebius Corporation for profit.



 Tychus' custom armour
Tychus has a highly customized powered armour suit, which he appears to have been sealed into. The armour has many decorative decals on it, as well as tally marks on the left wrist. 


 Tychus on the bridge of the Hyperion
Tychus appears in Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty as both an interactive NPC on Raynor's ship the Hyperion, and during missions as a hero unit. His mission unit is a marine. 
He also pilots the Odin during the Engine of Destruction mission.

 Tychus statute


Tychus Findlay has had several pieces of merchandise made out of his likeness. These include both a collectors edition statute, as well as a small articulated toy.

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