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Tibus Heth, A hero and now CEO

 Prior to becoming Executor of the Caldari State, Tibus Heth use to be a M.T.A.C. (Mechanized Torso-actuated chassis) pilot. He worked for the Caldari Constructions company in the Piak system. 
During an uprising at the site, he went in against Home Guard firepower and saved a wounded fellow Caldari.  
This was seen by all within the Caldari state. Coincidentally during this battle an agent named Xavier Black gave control of Caldari Constructions to Tibus Heth making him CEO of the corporation.
 Tibus Heth saving a life.

Rise to Dictatorship

Tibus eventually saw his chance to grab total control after the Malkalen Catastrophe. He rallied the corporations to start war against Gallente Federation, working together with Tibus' new Caldari Providence Directorate, turning him into dictator of the Caldari State.
In the year of 110, Tibus Heth decided to invade Gallente Federation with a single goal, retake Caldari Prime, the home world of the Caldari people.

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