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Tippi is Mario's first Pixl companion in Super Paper Mario and the only important one story-wise. Her real name is Timpani, and before she was a Pixl, she fell in love with a shadowy creature called Blumiere. When they were forced to separate, Timpani went searching for Blumiere in many dimensions until she was close to death. It was at this point that a wizard found her and recreated her as a Pixl. With her memory lost, the wizard called her Tippi. Until the events of Super Paper Mario, Tippi lived happily with the wizard, until she met Mario and decided to join him on his journey. Throughout the game, Tippi is always out to help no matter what other Pixls are around. The player can turn the Wii remote sideways which will freeze the game and allow Tippi to fly over important items and tell Mario about them, as well as reveal hidden passageways. In the third chapter, Tippi is captured by Francis, who intends to show her off to his "friends" on the forums of digibutter.ner. Mario and the gang break Tippi out and she stays with him from then on. At the end of each chapter the player is treated to a flashback where Timpani and Blumiere chat. Over the course of the game Tippi slowly regains her memory and realizes that their enemy, the sinister Count Bleck, is actually Blumiere, twisted by the loss of his love. After Bleck is betrayed by his associate, he reconciles with Tippi and together they help Mario save the universe. After this, the reunited Timpani and Blumiere disappear, off to live together in peace. After the game ends, Mario can go back to Francis and buy a mechanical Tippi from him for 1000 coins. Tiptron acts exactly like Tippi used to, allowing the player to continue playing the game, though the robot occasionally gets confused and wonders whether she's the real Tippi.

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