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You have been chosen to enter the TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96. You will be competing on three tournament levels, each having substantial prize money attached.

This game money, used wisely, will help the winners purchase better equipment from the Pro Shop and will give an edge in the race for the overall championship.

Choosing the proper gear from the Pro Shop is the key to successful fishing. Get to know what lures work best in the various lakes and weather conditions.

The practice sessions in the Free Fishing mode help you get to know the lakes you will fish and to find the best spots for the coming competition. Be careful not to use all your lures.

Good Luck!


At the heart of the game design is an advance lake simulator. This allows changes in the lake's environment to be accurately reflected throughout the lake. It also creates lake features building them into the overall model. This model is updated from second to second, giving a realistic, ever changing environment for the fish to inhabit.

Both your character's performance and tackle are taken into account to give a realistic fishing experience. Remember that the better the quality of the tackle, the better it will work.

`Taken straight out of the Genesis manual`

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