More (probably final) DLC this week.

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Spoiler-free version:

Sony Blogcast announced "even more Tokyo Jungle characters", which means that the Sabre-tooth tiger and the three "?" DLC icons in the character select list will be/are most likely going to be available. I'd be predicting a bundle for ~$2.50 much like the first two bundles.


Be aware, the announcement is spoiler-ific. Skip to 20:06 to hear it, but there are DLC and general game spoilers.

Spoilered version:

The Salary Man is the one specific character mentioned in the Blogcast. Given that the Salary Man was the final DLC character released in Japan, it's a safe bet that we will receive the final 4 DLC animals today. For reference, the Salary Man was released in Japan 19/07/2012, Peking Man (Homo-Erectus) the previous week (12/07/12), ERC-X the week before that (05/07/2012), and Sabre-Tooth Tiger was... you guessed it... 28/06/2012.
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Great, Could not be more stoked for some Salary Man action.

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Quick update: DLC is up. As expected, Bundle 3 contains the last 4 characters @ $2.49. There's also a "all characters" bundle with all 12 @ $6.99.

Three new costumes as well - a Mawashi (Sumo belt etc) for Tosas only, a Famitsu Swag (body), and an Ape Escape flashing light helmet (chimps only).

That brings us up to date and in line with the JP release, so that's probably all there is to see for this game.

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Is Salary Man a predator? Because Celery Man would make a great grazer counterpart.

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I've stopped the unlock fest because XCOM exists, and wants my consciousness. I'll buy these and get more Tokyo Jungle in when I have the time.

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