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Ton's of potential but just falls into the realm of mediocrity

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Reviewed by Doc D Strange

I remember the first time I played Tony Hawks Pro Skater, I was in High School and during class all I could think about was getting the highest score against my friends. They're were a few friends that I can remember that were fucking GODS at that game. So I ditch alot just to play it. Now we have Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD and I was so hyped to have that nostalgic game experience that I'd missed so long ago.


There's really not a story to speak of in this game, if you don't remember or have never played any of these games first off what the hell is wrong with you and second Tony Hawks Pro Skater the game is more about the character you choose and the level you play. They're are stupid ass challenges to beat like collect S-K-A-T-E that never interested me but shit there in there if that's what you want.

My favorite level, real talk.

On to the gameplay, the best part of THPS HD is that the controls are just like you remember. After about two or three runs on the first level "Warehouse" my muscle memory kicked in and then high scores came so easy to me. X button does flip tricks, Y button does grinds, B button does grabs and A button does ollies/nollies. Using the A,B,X,Y buttons while moving the left stick or d-pad in different directions makes your skater do different moves. On to the levels they picked for the game. Robomodo the developers of this game and that awful Tony Hawk Ride with that stupid skateboard accessory picked the levels. They're are 7 levels in the game that Robomodo picked from Tony Hawks 1 through 3. Some of the level's they have are perfect like Warehouse and School 2 "they need to be in this game" but others like Down Hill Jam is not a level I think anyone liked but they have it in here too. It's the same with the skaters you choose from, I guess Robomodo wanted to update the rooster which is fine but I wish Chad Muska or Bob Burnquist was in the game instead of say... Tony Hawks son. I know, it's his fucking game so I digress.


Well the obvious thing you will notice is it's in HD. The graphic have been updated just enough to make you say YO! this looks like Tony Hawk on PlayStation 1 but prettier. The level layouts are the same aswell. When it comes to the music just like the levels the developer picked, they have some of the old THPS songs like Superman and that Chuck D and Anthrax song but maybe they couldn't get the license to the other songs from the original game.


Wow check out that Skybox!

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD has four different Multiplayer modes. Trick Attack is just that, get the highest score possible against other players. Graffiti is the mode where you need to do tricks, grinds or grabs on surfaces to paint them but other players can get a higher score on your painted area and steal it from you. Free skate is well free skate just fuck around nuff said. Last is Big head elimination were your head is blowing up like a balloon and you need to land tricks to deflate you head, the last person with they're head intact wins.

Is this game any fun

Yes it is to an extent, I wish Robomodo added more levels/characters or didn't put certain levels and characters in, then this game would be what I really wanted from a 2012 revision of THPS from the PS 1. Also I will say Robomodo did say that they will be making add-ons later with more levels and I don't know for sure but I think they said characters too (for more cheddar). I gave this game three stars for almost all the reasons "Jeff" pointed out, seriously where is HORSE as a multiplayer mode? Can I get an AMEN? To be a really great game they just need to add more stuff, this game is pretty bare and just needs more meat on it's bones. Im gonna tell you, if your a real fan of the series then pick this game up but if your just interested then wait till it goes on sale. Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD isn't worth the 15 dollars in my opinion. Yet I still love the feeling of pulling off a super string of tricks. Long live the original.

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