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Deadly deal 0

Darksiders 2 Reviewed by Doc D StrangeI never played the original Darksiders. I was always interested in checking the game out but just never did. I always heard great thing about Darksiders, one of my friends told me "it's like Zelda but mature". So when the sequel was almost out I had to see what the kids thought was so great about Darksiders for myself.Story/GameplayDeath doing his thang.Darksiders 2 takes place during the first game just in different realms/worlds. This time you play as Deat...

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Waynes World 0

Deadlight reviewed by Doc D StrangeI have a problem in my life were I always over hype video games and movies that look interesting to me. Deadlight is one of those games that I heard of from this website and others and thought "hellz ya this is gonna be fucking amazing, I loved games from back in the day like Out of this World and Flashback". In some ways this game is alot like those fantastic old games from my youth but Deadlight has issues.Story/GameplayThe year is 1986 in Seattle during the ...

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Ton's of potential but just falls into the realm of mediocrity 0

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Reviewed by Doc D StrangeI remember the first time I played Tony Hawks Pro Skater, I was in High School and during class all I could think about was getting the highest score against my friends. They're were a few friends that I can remember that were fucking GODS at that game. So I ditch alot just to play it. Now we have Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD and I was so hyped to have that nostalgic game experience that I'd missed so long ago.Story/GameplayThere's really not a story...

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A wizard, an orb... Pure old school gaming goodness 0

Wizorb Reviewed by Doc D StrangeWizorb is a gem of a game that not many people played or even heard of. This game has been buried in the garbage of mostly all the indie games in the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace. I will make this a short review because there's not alot of story to Wizorb but tons of fun for almost all gamers.Story/GameplayIn the Kingdom of Gorudo, you play as the Wizard Cyrus who hates monsters and demons and wants to save the cursed town of Tarot. To do that Cyrus has to tra...

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The flesh of fallen angels 0

Max Payne 3 reviewed by Doc D StrangeAs a long time fan of the Max Payne series, Max Payne 3 is finally fucking here! WOW! I never thought I would be saying that. Rockstar Games took the reigns as the developer for this game when the first two games were developed by Remedy Entertainment who are hard at work with they're Lost/Twin Peaks inspired games in the Alan Wake franchise. Rockstar Games were the publisher's of Max Payne 1 and 2 which makes the 3rd game so different yet similar in many way...

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biggest surprise of the year so far. 0

The Witcher 2 reviewed by Doc D StrangeThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was a huge surprise for me because I knew about this game and the Witcher franchise and heard such great things about them but I never had a PC capable of playing them. So when I heard that CD Projekt Red (the Polish developers of the Witcher series) were talking about making a port of Witcher 2 for the Xbox 360 I was hyped to say the least. After CD Projekt Red kept saying they were still working on a port for the Witcher ...

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Heller you think your so bad 0

Prototype 2 reviewed by Doc D StrangeFirst off, this review is just from the short period of time that I played of this superbly awful game. The reason behind me not finishing Prototype 2 is because I just got so bored playing it that I just decided I've had enough with it. I always finish the games that I review but if the MBG (Micro Brew Gamer) stops playing your game half way through, then that really says alot about your game. Damn wish I would have thought of this not finishing a game cause...

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That looks infected! 0

The Walking Dead Ep. 1 Reviewed by Doc D StrangeFirst off I haven't read the comic's even though a buddy named Brandon swears by them. I am though a huge fan of the AMC series. When I first heard that a game was in development I had my reservations thinking that who ever was making the game would just fuck it up but I was wrong. I found out that Telltale Games was making it and I began to think "WORD!" they're a perfect fit to make a downloadable series of the trials and tribulations of living a...

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Oh, Asura you so angry! 0

Asura's Wrath reviewed by Doc D StrangeWhen I first heard about this game I believe it was Capcom's Captivate in Florida. the first footage I saw was this world size Buddha looking guy jamming his finger into the earth's atmosphere to crush this character with six arm's and I was like DAMN.... I have to check out this crazy ass game. Welcome to Asura's Wrath MBG style!Story/GameplayHe must workout.Minor spoilers ahead. The earth is being plagued by these crazy creatures call Gohma which look lik...

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Is this Effect Massive? 0

Mass Effect 3 reviewed by Doc D StrangeLet me first bring up that I asked a buddy on Giant Bomb if he was gonna post a review for Mass Effect 3 and he told me, Honestly, follow my footsteps and don't review it. You cannot please Bioware fans no matter what you do. I mean that in the sense that you will enrage them no matter how you write or how you phrase it. I completely agree but fuck it I love writing user reviews and I will continue to do it cause DAMMIT it makes me happy!Story/GameplayNot g...

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You are dead 0

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/Gameplaylooking at this image tells you alot about this game. Very, very bland game.Most gamers already know the story of Resident Evil 2 and 3 so I will focus on the what if story of this game. The game starts off in the Umbrella underground lab beneath Raccoon city where Dr. William Birkin has created the infamous G-Virus and the Umbrella Corporation wants it and Birkin dead. So comes in the U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service)...

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What dream's may come 0

Alan Wake's American Nightmare reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/GameplayHey look Alan Im on TV, wait I mean your on TV.As an Alan Wake fan this game is kind of a weird step in a direction that only Remedy Entertainment knows where it will go. I love the over arching story of Alan Wake's plight as a whole even if I really don't know what the hell is going on sometimes. So American Nightmare start's (spoiler free hopefully) as fan's of the first game know there is a TV show in the Alan Wake universe...

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IBM in the future 0

Syndicate Reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/GameplayThat's a good guy right?The year is 2069, corporations are more powerful than the government's of the world. One of these corporations is EuroCorp in Manhattan NY. You play as Miles Kilo a agent that works for EuroCorp. Miles is special ofcourse because he has the Dart 6 chip in his brain. Which allows him to hack objects in the world and chipped up people. Jack Denham is the CEO of EuroCorp, he's the one that gives you the orders to go steal tech...

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Its still Trenched to me. 0

Iron Brigade reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/GameplayFireworks!!!A fictional take on WW1, Frank Woodruff and Vladamir Farnsworth were good friends turned into mortal enemies when a mysterious signal came through there radio called the "broadcast" changing there lives forever. Frank became paralyzed from the neck down from the broadcast. While Vlad went nutty and created these monsters called the "Tubes" to enslave the world and spread the glorious sounds of the broadcast. To counter act the villa...

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How Jackie got his groove back. 0

The Darkness 2 reviewed by Doc D StrangeFirst and for most this is my first attempt at a legit review for a game. I play a fair amount of games which interest me, I don't play everything cause I would be broke if I did. Now that that's out of the way let's get in to the nitty gritty.Story/GameplayThe darkness game is based on the popular Top Cow comic series about badass hitman turned heart eating monster Jackie Estacado. On his 21st birthday the ancient force of absolute evil know as the Darkne...

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