Several years later....gotta say this game is fun

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As a Diablo II lover, I have to say that I had a ton of fun playing Too Human. Sure, there are some huge problems with the game, but cumulatively I can say that this game was a blast to play.
Yes, most of the story was incoherent - despite this, I'm still sad that there isn't' going to be a sequel. Would've loved to take down Loki.

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Can't say I feel the same way as you, this game had some major issues.

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I was recently thinking of buying it. Then I bought Batman: AA instead. I think I made the right choice.

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@JJWeatherman said:
" I was recently thinking of buying it. Then I bought Batman: AA instead. I think I made the right choice. "
You did.
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Never played Too Human... would it be worth picking out of a bargain bin?

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Yea, there is no question: AA is better than Too Human. Still, I thought the latter was pretty dang fun for all the hate. No problem, to each his own.

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The best thing about Too Human was that I bought it for $5 and sold it for $10.

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I not totally sure why but i really enjoyed the setting for too human..was what kept me going through to the end.

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@Cwaff:   I'd basically recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Diablo. There is a lot of repetition, not much story, but tons of loot. The combat system is pretty different - you use both analog sticks to attack dudes. I played as a Berserker and specced for attack speed. Was basically a Tasmanian devil flying around.  
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I disliked Too Human, to each their own I suppose.
I wonder if they will ever make a sequel considering it was suppose to be a trilogy. (probably not is my guess)

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Everything about Too Human should have made me like it regardless of its flaws, but the combat is just borked and after being forced to re roll a tank class (because a beserker cant solo for shit) I just got super sick of the combat.

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I loved this game, is it confirmed there is no sequel?
They got so much about this game wrong, but just the core combat is so perfect it makes up for it.  The one major flaw missing is there no indicator ( other than feeling like a badass ) that you are playing well.  The challenge stages end up being the best part just because you have something to gauge yourself on.
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People should play Too Human just for the relevance of it's existence. Dude, that game was in development forever!

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@CL60 said:
" @JJWeatherman said:
" I was recently thinking of buying it. Then I bought Batman: AA instead. I think I made the right choice. "
You did. "
But saying that I played Too Human at the time of its release. It was a piece of trash but some how with that game I could look past it flaws and find a really enjoyable experience. Only the very best of games can provide a great time in spite of its inherent shittiness.
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@Andheez:   I don't think there's been confirmation that the entire franchise has been eliminated, but all indications are that no sequel is on the way :(
Tis a shame, with a few changes the follow-up could've been rad.  
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i love gliding across the ground to attack enemies

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Too Human is one of my guilty pleasure titles this gen.  
It has a lot of bugs and odd design choices but I still really enjoy it. The only major thing I'd change is the long death cut scene. 

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Figureskating game of the decade.

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@crono11 said:
" The best thing about Too Human was that I bought it for $5 and sold it for $10. "
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I had a lot of fun with it when I originally got it (still plan to get the last 3 achievements I lack... someday) but yeah it'd be dumb to deny it had a lot of problems. It was also the first 360 game I bought which is probably another reason I enjoyed it.

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Oh my biggest beef with this game was its asinine camera. Oof.

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It felt unfinished, shallow, and hard to watch when I first played it. Maybe I didn't get deep enough.

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Same here. Had a lot of fun with Too Human. I played through the campaign several times.

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Everything about Too Human seemed pretty good up until I actually tried to engage in combat. It was just plain awful.

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I thought the storyline contained some interesting ideas and themes (a meditation on technology and its effects primarily) but equally it needed much better execution to be compelling, a complaint that could be raised against every aspect of the game. I wouldn't mind seeing the sequels as long as they're able to fix what was broken and deliver a coherent gaming experience. Or just make Eternal Darkness 2 already.

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Yeah I wouldve love to see what they could come up with when they weren't spending time creating their own engine to run the game.
I actually thought the camera was pretty good, Ive had WAY worse problems in other 3rd person action games.
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Too Human is far from perfect, but i still loved it for it's rewarding combat and loot. 

I for one would love a sequel although it will never happen.

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