aztecomar's Too Human (Xbox 360) review

A good attempt hampered by poor production values.

 Too Human represents the epitome of gaming's quest to find Nirvana, and the perfect game that lies within. Despite a wealth of killer ideas that would create an exceptional game unlike any other in existence, Too Human is hampered by its long development cycle and poor production values. With a little more fleshing out, all the elements that make this game so unique could become something more than just a mediocre bulletpoint on the back of the box. The storyline, fusing classic Norse mythology with futuristic technologies shows promise at times, but is consistently hampered by poor delivery and sub-par writing. Gameplay boils down to nothing more than a loot grind, mashing on the attack buttons until the wave of enemies is replaced by a slightly stronger one. Despite an interesting and relatively deep loot system, the consistent "Kill one wave, attack the next" is tiring and quite dull.

As a whole, Too Human is more a victim of its own development than anything else. After 10 years stuck in development hell and development for 3 separate generations of consoles, the cracks are evident. Silicon Knights were very clear when they said they were aiming for a trilogy with Too Human and all I can hope for is that they take these mistakes and flesh them out into innovative, interesting gameplay mechanics. This game isn't fantastic, but for such a low price it's certainly worth a look, if for nothing else than to see what could have been.


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