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Too Human Review

It seems that some games get a lot more hate then they deserve.  I tend to liken Too Human to Fable right now because both are very good games but you either love it or hate the developer and bash his game.  Too Human is an action RPG base don the Norse mythology where you play as Balder.  Since this is a sci-fi dungeon crawling game you be going on missions into great halls or abandoned vessels  fighting robotic goblins and trolls.  

The game features an innovative control scheme for attacks.  Instead of spamming the X button you'll get to point the right analog at each enemy you want to attack.  You will slide across the screen attacking goblins and building up combo levels to enable stronger attacks.  The controls lake some time to get used to but once master them it is very rewarding.

Too Human is a great game for those that love finding cool loot.  Since most enemies spit out loot when they die you'll be finding better armor and weapons as you progress through the game.  You will be leveling up and improving your attacks and abilities through the game.

Too Human is a game I really enjoyed playing and am still playing.  I'm looking forward leveling up more to get better armor and weapons.  This is really a fun game and is a lot better than the reviews I've seen online.

Posted by banned8921

worst game of all time.

Posted by Dryker
Posted by Ross

I really like the Too Human to Fable analogy.

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