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Too Human--Review

This was by far one of my hardest reviews to do.  Too Human has so many good points and so many bad points, I was left in the middle of the road.

From a graphics standpoint, Too Human has a few strong areas, but most of the visuals are below today's standards.  Now I'm definitely not the kind of person who really cares about graphics in a game, but I also do expect some sort of quality visuals in a game that took 4+ years to develop.  It was built with a in house engine instead of the widely popular Unreal Engine, which is a shame because this game could have looked great with the Unreal Engine.  The main character's model looks great and the environments all look good.  But the other character and enemy models look bland.  All of the character actions are repetitive and just seem old.  The whole game feels and looks like a Xbox or PS2 game that has been ported in HD.

Overall, the sound is tolerable.  Its there, it works.  Your fellow soldier's comments quickly get boring and the enemies sound bland overall.  I don't have much to say here really, I'll just leave it with about an hour into the game, I ended up muting my tv and playing some music.

This is where Too Human shines the most.  I absolutely love the core gameplay.  The leveling system, the skill system, the armor and weapon systems are all wonderful.  I'm a big fan of looting also so this is what has kept me playing.  But, there are also a few issues.  The controls aren't always that fun.  Throughout most of the game, you will find your self hitting the same buttons over, and over, and over.  There are issues with the camera.  I personally do not like anything about the camera system.  I would prefer if they would have just put the camera behind the player at all times.  Aiming is also a VERY frustrating task.  Just to rant a little, what were they thinking with the death scene!  Please, if you make another Too Human, take that out!

The story was not interesting.  I stopped following the story about a 1/4 of the way through.  It definitely feels like they are trying to spread the story out for a full trilogy.  I just ended up getting confused over the entire story.

Too Human features two-player co-op over xbox live.  The story and cut scenes are all removed, so you are basically just making runs through the games 4 chapters.  It is funner to do some of this looting with a friend but the fun only lasts for so long.

Overall, I am very confused about Too Human.  The game has obvious problems, but at the same time, I am in love with the RPG aspects of the game which is what is keeping me playing. 

If you are interested in Action RPG's and looting, then I really believe that you can find fun in Too Human, but If you do not care much for this genre, than I would recommend that you give this game a rental.

Posted by Dryker

It's truly a shame you turned off the sound after the first hour or so, it is some of the best in any game. The sound makes the slugs and lasers feel real, the clank of sword, spear, and hammer adds texture to your assaults, and the rumble of your jumps when you land add weight to your god. If you don't have surround sound or a good low end speaker, that could be a factor, but the sound is incredible. The story is pretty damn good too, I should know, I write fantasy fiction. I think a lot of the complaints of the story are coming from people who haven't caught the subtle literary devices in the cutscenes or listened to NPC's around the home of the Aesir. Yes it is a cliffhanger, almost all "good" fantasy stories are. It resolved some key conflicts and teased towards the future. It got me interested far more than the vast majority of mindless dribble that one finds on TV. I don't even tune in anymore.  

Posted by Dryker

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