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Totally Rad is the American version of the Japanese platformer Magic John. The game is essentially a Mega Man clone that lives in infamy due to its ridiculous english translations. While other games before have suffered from the phenomenon known as Engrish, Jaleco took the concept to new heights by engulfing the game with Valleyspeak (i.e. surfer lingo). Whether or not this translation was acceptable by 1991 standards is debatable; still, while other games may be remembered for their epic boss fights or innovative game mechanics, Totally Rad will likely be remembered as the game that gave us such classic lines as, "It's totally righteous seeing you here, professor."


Like… Whoa.

Jake is a totally rad skater dude who's got this thing for this righteous babe Allison, and they meet this, like, gnarly magician Zebediah who's got all kinds of magic powers and stuff. So, Zebediah gives Jake all these magic powers right before Allison is kidnapped. So like, the totally rad thing to do would be to save her, right? Of course it would be, dude! So that's what Jake does; he totally uses his magic powers to, like, save the girl and stuff. Only that's not all. The evil dude that took Allison was named Edogy, and he wants to take over the world but is going to start with California first. He thinks the best way to do that is to, like, kidnap Allison's dad who's a bitchin' scientist. The best way to get the dad is to kidnap the girl; you get it so far? So not only does Jake have to save Allison, he's got to save her dad and the world. Whoa!


Get Ready, Dude!

There are a total of five radical stages, each broken into smaller, slightly less radical levels. These include:

  • Stage 1.1 - Amusement Park
  • Stage 1.2 - Under the Big Top - Boss: Crazed Pizza Vendor
  • Stage 2.1 - City Streets
  • Stage 2.2 - The Sewers
  • Stage 2.3 - City Streets Revisited - Boss: Biclopter
  • Stage 3.1 - The Dark Forrest
  • Stage 3.2 - River of Danger
  • Stage 3.3 - Behind the Waterfall - Boss: Nautikill
  • Stage 4.1 - Entrance to the Underground World
  • Stage 4.2 - Caves of the Underground World - Boss: Fang of the Underground World
  • Stage 5.1 - City at the Core of the Earth
  • Stage 5.2 - Lava Palace of Edogy - Boss: Edogy

Magic Abilities

The Magic Menu System

At any time during the game, you can press the "Start" button and bring up the menu. From here, you can select any of the twelve kinds of magic abilities that Jake has been given. Once you select a magic power, the menu disappears. You can now press the "Up" and "B" buttons together to perform the selected magic ability. Remember, there is limited amount of magic power. Whenever you use a magic ability, your power meter decreases. Once it reaches zero, you will be unable to perform any magic. Below is the list of magical abilities and their details:

  • Life Up - 4 magic points - Increase life gauge to maximum
  • Life Half Up - 2 points - Increase life gauge to half
  • Stop Time - 2 points - Stops all enemies on screen for a short time
  • Damage Shield - 2 points - Protects Jake from damage
  • Fire - 2 points - Magic eliminates or weakens enemies
  • Water - 2 points - Magic eliminates or weakens enemies
  • Wind - 2 points - Powerful Magic that eliminates or weakens enemies
  • Stone - 2 points - Powerful Magic that eliminates or weakens enemies
  • Jake - 0 points - Returns Jake to normal human
  • Lion - 2 points - Turns Jake into a lion with 50% increase to jump and can't be hurt while jumping
  • Eagle - 2 points - Turns Jake into an Eagle allowing him to fly
  • Fish - 2 points - Turns Jake into a Fish allowing him the ability to swim

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